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about us

Brand Influence, pioneers in social influence. We have been disrupting the traditional influencer marketing industry for over 12 years by generating explosive organic reach and guiding authentic conversations that have a meaningful impact on consumers' lives. In other words, we are not in the business of paid partnerships, which is typical of influencer marketing.

We curate campaign narratives aligned with your brand messaging driving the conversation while allowing it to authentically unfold via storytelling & advocacy.

We work as an intermediary between brands and influential, real people who have highly engaged audiences of their own who trust what they have to say. These audiences are not merely following, they are actively engaged in building communities of conversation.

We are passionate about bridging the gap between brands and creators, connecting people with the best brands and services out there & offering them the chance to experience brands in exchange for their social media experiences & opinions.

We hand-pick and vet between 100 and 1000, brand-aligned Influentials who choose to take part with the power to persuade and engage their audiences in a credible conversation helping brands reach high affinity, in-market consumers. (Beauty influencers are followed by shoppers who invest in beauty).

We create personal relationships within each community of Influentials and connect Influentials with other like-minded influentials to create large, thriving communities, and exponential audience growth to deliver unmatched engagement.

Traditional collaborations with influencers often create siloed and diluted campaigns.
We position your brand at the centre of the narrative, steering UGC at scale and ensuring the engagement is driven forward, responsibly, by our team of highly skilled and experienced community managers to create a connected and concentrated campaign.

Our unique methodology ensures relevance, resonance and reach.

Explore our ever expanding B2C platforms and discover expert advice from our communities. Indulge your brand cravings with Brand Advisor, join the beauty revolution at Beauty Bulletin and watch this space for all the inside take with SA's service industry.

Beauty Bulletin ( - The platform for all things BEAUTY RELATED, including MAKEUP, HAIR, SKIN CARE, PERSONAL CARE, HEALTH, WELLNESS and MORE.

Brand Advisor ( - The platform for all things LIFESTYLE RELATED, including FOOD, BEVERAGE, PETS, HOMECARE, RETAIL, DIY and MORE.