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The Stellenbosch University Language Centre offers research-based, language-related products and services to people with diverse education backgrounds, so that they can enhance their communication skills - such as reading, writing, speaking and listening - and in so doing, be more successful in their studies, careers and personal lives.

As part of a leading African university, we believe multilingualism matters. We believe that multilingualism is about more than just being able to use multiple languages. It's about giving people a voice, regardless of the language they use. It's about recognising the value of what is said, whether it's said in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa or South African Sign Language. It talks to our diversity as a country, and allows us to connect in ways we otherwise couldn't.

We have a large client base outside the University making use of our expertise. You might be interested in working with us because -

  • We offer comprehensive language services, which include professional translation into over 15 languages, language editing and interpreting at meetings or conferences. (Contact:

  • Through our Comms Lab, we offer courses to professionals to help them communicate even better in the office and with clients - there are 11 courses to choose from. We can tailor courses to the needs of your organisation. (Contact:

  • We offer courses to learn isiXhosa to members of the public from scratch in a fun and interactive way. No click sound is too hard to master! (Contact:

  • We offer courses to learn Afrikaans to members of the public from scratch in a fun and interactive way. Get insight into this diverse language community in the process. (Contact:

  • Through our English portfolio, we offer the following ways for people to enhance their English language ability:

    • TEFL course (for teaching English as a foreign language): Do TEFL with us if you plan to travel and teach English. Or maybe you want to revamp your teaching style or earn an income from the comfort of your own home.

    • International English Language Testing System certification (IELTS): If you're set to study or work abroad in an English-speaking country that requires IELTS certification, we can help you prepare for the exam. Enrol for our online IELTS preparation course and develop the strategies to write the IELTS exam.

    • Intensive English Programme (IEP): Aimed at international undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to develop their general English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, their grammar and their vocabulary.

    • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Programme: Aimed at local or international SU students who want to boost their academic English. The Reading & Writing and Speaking & Language modules will help take your English to the next level. Two hours a week per module for a semester.
      (Contact for all English courses)

Connect to the world and its people through improved communication and understanding.

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