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about us

e-Merge believes in quality over quantity. We match skills and culture accurately, selecting only the very best candidates available to present to you, thereby simplifying your process of selection, and assuring you of a thorough and professional shortlist from which to choose. CLIENTS - WHY CHOOSE E-MERGE?

  • We source and supply top calibre candidates for the ICT industry, understanding the goals, culture and technology of each client
  • Our Consultants screen, test and reference check all candidates thoroughly
  • Our in depth knowledge in our niche area of specialisation adds value to your requirements
  • Our pioneering web based referral system attracts top IT professionals building a resource pool of high calibre candidates to call on quickly
  • Pro-active sourcing of candidates in innovative ways gives us access to a wider pool of candidates
  • A good understanding of the development community within South Africa and an active part to play within it, enables us to stay in tune with the latest trends and remain in touch with candidates who follow them


  • Increased productivity and faster timelines to enable you to focus on your core business
  • A cutting edge service in a fast paced technology world
  • IFocused, dedicated, professional consultants who are knowledgeable in their fields of specialisation
  • IThe best qualified and available candidates to fulfil your requirement


  • Our strength lies in relationship building with candidates through personal service and professional advise around developing career paths
  • Professional career guidance, salary advice, industry knowledge
  • Referrals earn you cash
  • Understanding the latest trends, technologies and opportunities available
  • We only deal with best of breed companies
  • A selection of well researched and appropriate career opportunities, understanding the needs, career aspirations and skill levels of each candidate
  • A company that will fulfil your expectations