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Four ways to innovate your customers' shopping experienceIf you're a retailer you know that customer expectations are higher than ever before; they expect to be able to shop all day and night, use your brand's social media channels for ideas and to discover new products, be able to buy on mobile devices, online, in-store and, on top of that, expect a much more customised experience. 3 Sep 2015 Read more

How 3D secure is affecting SA online storesDespite showing significant growth in 2014 and into 2015, the South African e-commerce market has hit another hurdle threatening its progress. The onset of compulsory 3D Secure implementation on March 1, 2015, for all online stores meant that the CVV number would no longer be sufficient for making secure online purchases. This was largely driven by the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) and backed by multiple large banks, lobbying that the increased security would ensure less fraudulent activity on credit cards and benefit the e-commerce landscape in SA in the long run due to more positive online purchasing experiences. 11 Aug 2015 Read more

Xero has disrupted business accounting for SMEs globallyXero, online-based accounting software, has completely changed the way small to medium businesses do their business accounting. We speak to Colin Timmis, Managing Director of Real Time Accounting, on the disruption that Xero has presented to the world of business accounting. 22 Jul 2015 Read more

Suhaifa NaidooMany brands are still not effectively using social media channels to their advantage. Depending on your type of business, there are multiple social channels available. These channels give you direct access to thousands of potential customers if you use it properly. 19 Jun 2015 Read more

How companies are developing eZines to monetise contentDigital magazines, or eZines, have been knocking around since the 1990s, but when they moved away from desktops towards tablet devices they found greater success in this new home of mobile convenience. Monetising digital content is currently a contentious subject. There is so much free content available online making it difficult for publishers and content producers to compete and still make a profit. 7 May 2015 Read more

Realmdigital welcomes Simon Bestbier into his new position as CEOThe strengths of Realmdigital are born from its incredible journey of 16 years, and this next one will only strengthen it further as Simon Bestbier steps into the CEO position this year. Simon has been with Realmdigital for 10 years and has lead and grown the company in a managerial position, and shown himself to be an innovative and passionate leader who greatly understands the needs of both his staff and clients. 28 Apr 2015 Read more

E-commerce in South Africa - Lessons from ChinaThe year 2014 saw a major shift in consumer behavior and spending habits, and this was reflected in the launch of the biggest IPO yet, that of the Alibaba Group, raising $25bn. Founded by Peng Lei and Jack Ma and led by Jonathan Lu, Alibaba has been a household name in China for years, selling everything from clothing to pet food, but demand for instant gratification, quick delivery and transactional enablement meant that a critical mass would be reached, and today China is the world's largest e-commerce market, and it's only going to get bigger. 21 Apr 2015 Read more

How tablet applications are simplifying business processesTime is money. An age-old saying that has become increasingly literal since digital has taken over. Customers expect immediate responses to emails and feedback (positive or negative) is one tweet away, time is of the essence. The fast-paced nature of business today means that you need to be ahead, just to stay current. This is why businesses are looking at custom application development to make business processes faster and more convenient, and to enable their teams to make quick and informed decisions using their tablets so that they can save time and increase their ROI. 17 Mar 2015 Read more

Mobile development opportunities are at an all-time high with over 6.8 billion smartphones out thereFrom company to client, the growing rate of accessibility and quality on mobile devices has become the go-to platform to easily and reliably stay connected with customers, while also reaching an unparalleled increase in boosting fresh business. Whether your focus is on heightened productivity, a quicker turn-around time or simply customer satisfaction, the advantages that await by implementing a mobile-based point of attack can become truly unlimited. Smartphone? Try genius-phone. 3 Mar 2015 Read more

Five things insurance companies should know about building appsConsumers' expectations are on the rise for mobile services that slip seamlessly into their lives and become a necessity to the point where it becomes their go-to channel to interact with their service or product providers. In the mobile space some of the most engaging and successful mobile apps have been developed by retail, travel, and hospitality industries. 21 Jan 2015 Read more

Phenomenal response for ooba's finance app in first week of launchJust one week into the launch of their free mobile app, ooba, leading home finance experts, gained over 600 downloads and more than 60 positive reviews and ratings in the Android and iOS mobile stores. 27 Nov 2014 Read more

Leading retail brands use Facebook wishlist apps to drive online salesAs the festive season looms brightly ahead, leading e-commerce retailers are employing tried-and-tested online marketing campaigns to harness the spirit of Christmas while driving online sales. One such campaign that has been extremely successful is social wishlisting in the form of Christmas wishlist Facebook apps. 18 Nov 2014 Read more

Realmdigital delivers e-commerce platform for Van Schaik booksellerCentury old bookstore, Van Schaik, named Bookseller of the Year for the third consecutive year 11 Nov 2014 Read more

Facebook's latest e-commerce development exposes the maturity of the social market spaceThis month Facebook announced that they are testing a new way for users to discover and buy products from within their newsfeed without ever having to leave the site. Essentially this allows businesses to sell directly to consumers from Facebook Ads and page posts. While this is not the first time Facebook has engaged in e-commerce experiments, it is unique in its scale. 6 Aug 2014 Read more

Enhance your digital publication with interactive elements and better engage with your readersPublishers who optimise their content by making it rich and interactive will help increase their content value and simplify their digitising workflow without compromising the actual content. There have been increases in adoption rates from readers who prefer content that is more engaging as opposed to static. It enhances their reading experience on their smartphones and tablets. 25 Jul 2014 Read more

Bulk sales set to increase eBook sales growth in South AfricaThe publishing industry will yet again see a readjustment as year-on-year eBook sales fall for the first time, announces Nielsen Research; publishers are not seeing the double and triple digit growth the market saw in 2012, as eBook sales grow by only 5% to $393.6m in the first quarter of 2013. 9 Jul 2014 Read more

Realmdigital enables Real Meal Revolution e-book to sell digitallyTim Noakes' Real Meal Revolution has had phenomenal success amongst South African readers, and it hasn't stopped there - this book is set to change the way the world eats. It is not surprising that it has crept into international bookshelves and being ranked as a best seller. 21 May 2014 Read more

eCommerce in South Africa has seen increased adoption by furniture retailersThe global success of online shopping has given rise to the widespread adoption of eCommerce ventures by furniture retailers wishing to capture the potential of this ever-growing market. Largest online retail corporation,, saw its initial success as an online bookstore; however it is no longer quite so exclusive, its catalogue has extended. Amazon now also caters for automotive parts, clothing, electronics, and furniture, to name but a few. While Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have pioneered the way for eCommerce in Europe there are a multitude of start-ups operating eCommerce-only, selling predominantly beds and mattresses, and now growing fiercely in popularity, furniture and décor goods. 27 Jan 2014 Read more

Realmdigital extends their digital service offering to include digital marketing and moreLeading e-business strategy and technology provider, Realmdigital, has launched new digital services to ensure the provision of a complete end-to-end digital strategy. New services include digital marketing solutions, content conversion and an image server. 21 Jan 2014 Read more

Wetherlys eCommerce integration allows customers to shop onlineWetherlys online has opened up their recently revamped website to all new eCommerce functionality. Customers can now buy from Wetherlys from their fully functioning online store. Just a few months ago Realmdigital partnered with Wetherlys to revamp their website, giving it a brand new look, feel, and tons of slick functionality. Since then they've been gearing towards making it fully e-Commerce! 18 Dec 2013 Read more

The Footnote Summit highlights digital publishing in an upcoming event in Cape TownLeading publishers, content providers, and suppliers to the publishing industry will get together next month on the 6th of November for the first Footnote Summit. This conference focuses on the benefits of digital publishing, highlighting workable solutions and tools currently available to publishers, as well as giving delegates the opportunity to network with like-minded industry individuals. 16 Oct 2013 Read more

FNB Private Clients offers their clients a digital lifestyle magazine distributed via smart devicesFNB continuously strives to be at the forefront of technological innovation and has advanced a lot quicker than most South African financial institutions. Their website and mobile banking apps are just some of the reasons why users are switching over to this globally recognised bank. With the assistance of leading software development company Realmdigital, one of Africa's largest digital publishing providers, FNB Private Clients made the bold and innovative decision to offer their clients the FNB Private Life magazine via mobile platforms. 15 Jul 2013 Read more

Many goals of being online

An online presence can take several forms and have any one of multiple objectives.
 24 Feb 2012 Read more

South African company launches and signs first deal at Frankfurt Book Fair 31 Jan 2012 Read more

Click here for instant mobile app-lification of your print-ready files. 8 Dec 2011 Read more

SA e-business is on the up and up. MasterCard's recent survey of online shopping habits shows that 51% of connected South Africans shop online - 75% of them in the last three months. 24 Nov 2011 Read more

Realmdigital, a top South African e-business strategy and technology partner, specialising in Web, Social and Mobile platforms, has been in the software and web development industry for over 10 years; servicing clients both locally and internationally. 17 Nov 2011 Read more

Social media, iPad apps and digital brochures challenge conventional Web. 11 Nov 2011 Read more

SA's next stop to greatness: While mobile payments have met with astounding successes in other parts of Africa, adoption has been far more modest in South Africa. 15 Sep 2011 Read more

Reach global audiences quickly and cheaply without bespoke development . 1 Sep 2011 Read more

Practically all companies, brands, products and personalities can benefit from a Facebook promotions or fan page that furthers their cause (commercial or non-profit) or raises their profile. 25 Aug 2011 Read more

Realmdigital, the Cape Town-based online, social and mobile development firm, has bagged the prestigious international iCMG Architectural Award in the category Open Source Technologies, for its recently completed Exclus1ves e-commerce store. 15 Jul 2011 Read more

Facebook applications are a keen focus area for companies that want to extend their reach. But what many don't realise, this early on in the development of the social phenomenon, is that it is not just about marketing or publicity. Companies that use Facebook merely to advertise their brand, or build up a contact database, are missing a big commercial opportunity. 13 Jul 2011 Read more

How eBucks turned a potentially damaging blunder into a marketing win.  15 Jun 2011 Read more

Getting your digital media campaign off to its best possible start. 31 May 2011 Read more

As the print publishing industry fades and digital platforms flourish, market consolidation is the order of the day, with creative agencies scrambling to acquire digital skills. 23 May 2011 Read more

Leading online, social and mobile development partner Realmdigital will use this year's Indaba to publicly introduce withPlatform, a cutting-edge Web development platform in beta that gives even the greenest and most cash-strapped B&B its own website for free. 10 May 2011 Read more

Big-name references and integrated development platform gives firm the edge. 20 Apr 2011 Read more

Niche brands reach changing markets through social media. 14 Apr 2011 Read more

Standalone social apps or total Web engagement management - you choose. 7 Mar 2011 Read more

Isolated applications give no hint of massive legwork and explosive potential 9 Feb 2011 Read more

Luddites* of the enterprise world increasingly getting left behind. 1 Feb 2011 Read more

Social-integrated websites offer total Web engagement management (WEM). 12 Jan 2011 Read more

Title distribution model to destroy industries; create new ones, change society. 9 Dec 2010 Read more

Effortless central control over branding, catalogue and custom features 29 Nov 2010 Read more

Cost and market scope advantages come into play as Web commerce takes off. 10 Sep 2010 Read more

South African and African travel sites - guesthouses in particular - have been given a major visibility and commercial boost with the free availability of, the e-business package from Realmdigital. 1 Sep 2010 Read more

Claims and confusion
The e-business provider arena has grown into an enormous, complex industry with numerous specialist areas in the last 10 years. And yet providers continue to claim one-stop shop status and fail to carve out clear niches.
 2 Aug 2010 Read more

Exclusive Books and beyondAfter more than a year of blood, sweat and tears, finally we are able to share with you the new Exclus1ves website that goes live today. Exclusive Books no longer offers just books but goes beyond with film, music and games ensuring you entertainment needs are completely satisfied. This really is such an exciting venture and one to put Africa on the digital map! 11 Mar 2010 Read more

Optimise your website with Realm Platform and GoogleIt is essential to monitor your website on a continuous basis to ensure you are getting the most from it. There is very little point in spending so much time on the design and functionality if you are not prepared to spend time optimising your online presence. Understanding your website's performance radically increases its value. 14 Oct 2009 Read more

Get your brand scoring goalsFantasy Leagues are great marketing tools that are gaining momentum in the South African marketing industry. Expand your brand awareness and create a Fantasy league where people can engage with your brand and have fun at the same time. 3 Aug 2009 Read more

Realmdigital unveils custom tourism and hospitality softwareRealmdigital launches the new Travel Platform 4.0 software which integrates with a variety of online services and offers a holistic package for all industry types, no matter what the requirements. 17 Jul 2009 Read more

Chaos Computers goes full e-CommerceChaos Computers has recently launched full e-Commerce functionality to their existing website. Their website, powered by Realmdigital's Platform, now offers their clients the option to order their products online, make secure payments and have their goods delivered to their doorstep. 18 Aug 2008 Read more

Advertise your products and brands with Realmdigital's Fantasy Sports sitesMarket your brand by advertising or sponsoring fantasy sports leagues powered by Realmdigital's Fantasy Platform. These sites gain large volumes of traffic and reach audiences globally, therefore fast becoming a popular space to market products and create brand awareness. 12 Jun 2008 Read more

Realmdigital releases Platform to manage all your e-business requirementsRealmdigital has released Platform to meet all your e-business needs. This robust system offers an integrated solution for all your online business needs. Platform boasts competent functionality including content management, CRM, e-marketing, e-commerce and more. 25 Apr 2008 Read more

Realmdigital provides Fantasy Sports platform to Brandhouse, IOL and moreBrandhouse launched their fantasy rugby league for this year's Super 14 for one of their leading brands of rum, Captain Morgan. The game is targeted at rugby fans globally with the main objective being to increase their CRM database for further marketing initiatives. IOL also uses the same Fantasy Platform for its Fantasy Formula 1 league to increase their profitability by selling advertising space on the website. 15 Apr 2008 Read more

Vodacom builds brand with Realmdigital's Super 14 Fantasy RugbyOnline marketers have realised that the marketing potential in the Fantasy Sports arena is growing at a rapid rate each year. The popularity of these sports has spread from America to all areas of the globe and is taking sporting fanatics by storm. These online sporting leagues not only make money for the hosts but also offer a perfect platform for marketing your brand. 18 Feb 2008 Read more

Realmdigital powers the latest New Media Publishing website, Hip2B², which is an educational portal for The Shuttleworth Foundation. The site is built on the Realmdigital CMS and displays interactive functionality to keep the youth informed on topics ranging from maths, science, technology and entrepreneurship. 27 Nov 2007 Read more

Richprop Cape - the latest real estate company making use of Realm CMSRichprop Cape goes live supporting the latest Real Estate functionality powered by Realmdigital's Content Management System. 12 Oct 2007 Read more

Realmdigital has launched a new partner program targeted at design houses, marketing and advertising agencies in the local and international market. This program aims to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between Realmdigital and these companies. 6 Jun 2007 Read more

Realmdigital's Content Management System, the rdCMS, makes integrated e-Marketing strategies effortless. While the rdCMS allows you to easily edit your website content, it also offers the tools to carry out a fully integrated e-Marketing campaign. 21 May 2007 Read more

Realmdigital launches the new StorAge website that boasts full e-Commerce functionality as well as using of some of the e-Marketing functionality offered by the Realmdigital Content Management System (rdCMS). 28 Mar 2007 Read more

Realmdigital launches Sharks fantasy rugby website for Super 14 seriesRealmdigital launched an interactive rugby website this month just in time for the Super 14 series that kicked off on Friday 2 February 2007. Members stand a chance to win various prizes while interacting with other rugby fanatics online. Members also have an opportunity to challenge a panel of Sharks experts in this unique online rugby experience. 6 Feb 2007 Read more

Realmdigital launches the new content managed Design for Living websiteRealmdigital has launched yet another content managed website within the exhibitions industry. After the launch of industry leader, Kagiso Exhibitions & Events, Realmdigital has added the Design for Living website to its list of exhibition websites built on the rdCMS. 8 Jan 2007 Read more

Realmdigital launches another content managed website for the exhibitions industry. Industry leader, Kagiso Exhibitions & Events is the newest addition to the growing list of websites built on the Realmdigital's Content Management System (rdCMS). 6 Nov 2006 Read more

Realmdigital launches new Department of Science and Technology expo websiteRealmdigital has launched Department of Science and Technology website for this year's International Science, Innovation and Technology Exhibition. The exhibition is to be held from 24th to 27th September 2006 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. 14 Sep 2006 Read more

UWC and Department of Health use Realmdigital's conferencing website technology for the Health Promoting Schools annual conference to be held at UWC on 14 - 16 September 2006. 16 Aug 2006 Read more

Realmdigital launches rugby website for Tri Nations SeriesRealmdigital launched an interactive rugby website ( this month just in time for the Tri Nations Series that kicks off on Saturday, 8 July 2006. Members stand a chance to win a cash prize of £10 000 while interacting with other rugby fanatics online. Members also have an opportunity to challenge David Campese in this unique online rugby experience. 6 Jul 2006 Read more

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