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Huisgenoot backs Pendoring as platinum sponsor - PendoringAfrikaans is Huisgenoot readers' mother tongue and because Pendoring Advertising Awards' aim is the promotion of excellent Afrikaans advertising, Huisgenoot decided to support Pendoring this year as a platinum sponsor. 19 May 2015 Read more

Huisgenoot sê weer ja vir Pendoring - PendoringAfrikaans is Huisgenootlesers se hartstaal en omdat Pendoring Reklametoekennings se doel die bevordering van goeie Afrikaanse reklame is, het Huisgenoot besluit om vanjaar Pendoring as ? Platinum-borg te steun. 19 May 2015 Read more

Pendoring 2015 a whopper - PendoringEntries for the 2015 Pendoring Advertising Awards has opened and Pendoring is calling on all ad agencies and marketers to create an Afrikaans ad or an ad in one of the other vernacular languages that will astound the nation and become a cultural treasure. 8 May 2015 Read more

Pendoring 2015 is 'n knewel - PendoringInskrywings vir vanjaar se Pendoring-reklametoekennings is nou oop en Pendoring doen 'n beroep op alle reklame-agentskappe en bemarkers om 'n advertensie in Afrikaans of een van die ander inheemse tale te skep wat Suid-Afrikaners se hartsnare sal roer en deel sal word van ons kultuurskat. 8 May 2015 Read more

Afrikaans rocks on - PendoringAfrikaans has not given up. That is clear when you listen to Mr Japie Gouws, managing director of the ATKV group, who announced that the ATKV will once again support the Pendoring Advertising Awards as a Platinum sponsor. 13 Apr 2015 Read more

Judy Kriel shows everyone who is the coolest at this year's Pendoring Advertising Awards - PendoringJudy Kriel wanted to capture the true essence of being cool with her entry for this year's Pendoring Advertising Awards and in the process she bagged the coolest prize of all - Overall Student Winner at the 2014 Pendoring Advertising Awards. 24 Nov 2014 Read more

Judy Kriel wys wie is die coolste by die 2014 Pendoring-Reklametoekennings - PendoringJudy Kriel het met haar Pendoring-inskrywing vir tieners gewys wat cool werklik is en in die proses het sy die coolste prys van almal losgeslaan - die toekenning as Algehele Studentewenner van vanjaar se 2014 Pendoring-Reklametoekennings. 24 Nov 2014 Read more

Winners announced for Pendoring Advertising Awards - PendoringThe 2014 Pendoring winners were announced in front of a packed and appreciative audience at the glittering annual awards evening at Vodacom World in Midrand last night. 25 Oct 2014 Read more

Plaaslik is plesierig as jy op soek is na bemarkingsopbrengs, sê Media24 - PendoringAdverteerders én agentskappe moet steun op hulle plaaslike kennis om seker te maak hul kry 'n voldoende obrengs op hul bemarkingsbesteding, sê Media24. 28 Aug 2014 Read more

Local is lekker in the quest for marketing returns, says Media24 - PendoringAdvertisers and agencies alike should dig into their stores of local knowledge to ensure that they gain the best return on their marketing investment, says Media24. 28 Aug 2014 Read more

Cream of the crop judges for Pendoring Awards 2014 - PendoringWith entries for the Pendoring Awards 2014 closing in less than a month, on 21 July, the judging panel for the awards has been finalised and comprises, as always, the cream of the crop from South Africa's creative industry. 4 Jul 2014 Read more

Top-beoordelaars vir 2014 Pendoring-Reklametoekennings - PendoringMet die sluitingsdatum vir inskrywings vir die 2014 Pendoring-Reklametoekennings oor minder as 'n maand, 21 Julie om presies te wees, is die samestelling van die beoordelaarspaneel gefinaliseer en sluit dit, soos altyd, 'n uitgelese span kundiges in. 4 Jul 2014 Read more

Afrikaanse reklame: belangrike skakel in die Afrikaanse ekostelsel - Pendoring'n Televisie-, gedrukte of radio-advertensie is méér as net 'n mooi prentjie. Dit moet met die teikenmark praat, en deur met 'n gemeenskap in sy huistaal te kommunikeer, is een van die beste maniere om dit te doen. 30 Jun 2014 Read more

Afrikaans advertising: an important link in the Afrikaans ecosystem - PendoringA television commercial, print or radio advertisement is more than just a pretty picture. It should speak to its target market, and addressing a community in its home language is one of the most fundamental ways of doing this. 30 Jun 2014 Read more

Pendoring Awards counting down to 21 July deadline - PendoringThe Pendoring Awards, now in its nineteenth year, is counting down the 26 days left before entries close for the 2014 awards. 26 Jun 2014 Read more

Pendoring tel die dae voor sy 21 Julie sperdatum - PendoringDie Pendoring Reklametoekenings, wat vanjaar sy negentiende jaar vier, herinner alle voornemende deelnemers dat daar slegs 26 dae oor is voor inskrywings sluit vir vanjaar se kompetisie. 26 Jun 2014 Read more

Pendoring entries 2014 now open... let Pendoring be a feather in your cap! - PendoringOver the past 19 years, the Pendoring Awards have been home to many South African icons. Characters who have crept into our hearts and who have in many ways become part and parcel of our lives. Castrol's Boet and Swaer, Klipdrift's friendly Frikkie, Vodacom's YeboGogo-trio, Jan and Elton the rugby supporters and Toyota's Buddy all come to mind. And none of them are forgotten; often it requires just a picture or saying to refresh those memories. 14 May 2014 Read more

Wegspringskoot klap vir Pendoring 2014... veldtog nooi reklameskeppers om inskrywings te stuur - PendoringDie afgelope 19 jaar al is die Pendoring-toekennings die tuiste van talle Suid-Afrikaanse ikone. Karakters het op verskeie maniere in Suid-Afrikaners se harte gekruip en integraal deel van die volk geword. Dink maar net aan Castrol se Boet en Swaer, Klipdrift se Vriendelike Frikkie, Vodacom se Yebo Gogo-trio, die rugby-ondersteuners Jan en Elton, ook Toyota se bekkige Buddy. Ons onthou hulle almal, al is dit net 'n beeld wat verbyflits of 'n gesegde wat in ons koppe vassteek. 14 May 2014 Read more

If you still haven't entered this year's Pendoring awards, here's the good news: the entry deadline has been extended to 5pm on 22 July! 15 Jul 2013 Read more

Die Burger: passionate about Afrikaans and Pendoring - PendoringWhat does a 97-year-old and an 18-year-old have in common? Afrikaans and, of course, the Pendoring Advertising Awards. 17 May 2012 Read more

Media24 helps Pendoring to shine the spotlight on Afrikaans advertising with gold sponsorship - PendoringMarketing revenue is Media24's lifeblood, and Afrikaans advertising worth hundreds of millions of rand is published annually in Media24's publications. 3 May 2012 Read more

Rapport, Pendoring 'on the same page' - Pendoring"Afrikaans advertising is the life partner of Rapport in a marriage spanning more than 40 years. For this reason it is a privilege for Rapport to be part of the driving force that honours achievers in the Afrikaans advertising industry for their exceptional and creative work. They are the messengers in the advertising industry who talk to us in Afrikaans. This is endorsed by the Rapport slogan, Ons praat jou Taal (We speak your language)." 5 Apr 2012 Read more

Toyota revs up Pendoring with gold sponsorship - PendoringWhen Pendoring makes its debut in Cape Town later this year - as part of Creative Week Cape Town, followed by its glittering awards event on Friday, 21 September, in the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) - it will need additional support to which Toyota, once again as a gold sponsor, will contribute significantly. 5 Apr 2012 Read more

VISI and Pendoring take pride in Afirkaans - PendoringAfrikaans is dear to VISI's heart, particularly because the magazine was initially established in the language. The exemplary use of Afrikaans is important to both Pendoring and VISI, as is the promotion of creativity, humour and distinctive expressions that are unique to Afrikaans. 1 Sep 2011 Read more

Jacaranda 94.2 partners Pendoring with silver sponsorship to boost Afrikaans advertising - PendoringWith more than two million listeners, broadcasting in four provinces (Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo), a number of multimedia content platforms, Jacaranda 94.2 has over the past 25 years not only firmly entrenched itself as a commercial station deeply rooted in its community, but also as a beloved brand to listeners. 30 Aug 2011 Read more

Toyota keeps Pendoring's wheels turning with gold sponsorship - PendoringIn the year that Toyota celebrates its 50th anniversary in South Africa, as well as 30 years of market leadership, it's only fitting that the company once again supports the Pendoring Advertising Awards with a gold sponsorship as Afrikaans consumers, for the past 50 years, have indeed shown their unwavering support for the Toyota brand through thick and thin. 20 Jun 2011 Read more

Ads24 and Pendoring united in their support for Afrikaans advertising - PendoringAdvertisers who undervalue the power of Afrikaans media do so at their own peril. 2 Jun 2011 Read more

Die Burger worth gold for Pendoring - PendoringWith its more than 487 000 readers, mainly in the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape, Die Burger has, through the years, differentiated itself as a publication that puts the interests of Afrikaans first. So it stands to reason that Die Burger has this year joined the ranks of gold sponsors of the annual Pendoring Advertising Awards. 27 May 2011 Read more

Pendoring debuts at Markex - PendoringThe Pendoring Advertising Awards, which will this year promote and reward Afrikaans advertising for the 17th consecutive year, will be making their debut at Markex, the annual marketing, promotions and special events exhibition that will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre from 7-9 June. 17 May 2011 Read more

Rapport and Pendoring a formidable force behind Afrikaans advertising - PendoringAs a gold Pendoring sponsor, Rapport wants to spread the message - for every advertiser and marketer to see and to hear - that its readers are not only well-off decision-makers with financial intelligence, but also proudly Afrikaans. As such they gladly support brands that communicate with them in the language they express their emotions and dreams, as well have the confidence to air their views and frustrations. 6 May 2011 Read more

Fresh Afrikaans advertising breeze: Pendoring Prestige Award winner impresses with catchy creations - PendoringProudly Afrikaans, with a passion for advertising. Particularly for catchy new creations such as Kanniehorie-kakofonie-klapsoekpyp. Or spytjy'tgekyk-driehoek-baaibroek. 24 Nov 2010 Read more

The dynamic independent Gauteng advertising agency, Joe Public, accepted the 2010 Pendoring campaign invitation, created excellent Afrikaans advertising and proved its cool beyond any doubt. This ensured that the agency walked away with the biggest Pendoring trophy haul - four gold and three silver - at the glittering Pendoring awards evening at Vodaworld, Midrand on 29 October. 2 Nov 2010 Read more

Afrikaans, Pendoring reverberates in OFM-land - Pendoring"AS 57% of our audience is Afrikaans speaking, OFM is a proudly Afrikaans radio station that plays Afrikaans music, with news and sport coverage in Afrikaans as well. That's part of the lifestyle of our station and our audience. To further the Afrikaans language with a unique kind of event such as the Pendoring Advertising Awards, makes perfect sense to us." 27 Sep 2010 Read more

Pendoring finalists demonstrate expressiveness of Afrikaans advertising - PendoringWith 11 finalists to its credit, the independent Gauteng advertising agency Joe Public this year boasts the most Pendoring finalists. Not far behind is Draftfcb Johannesburg with eight finalists, followed by Draftfcb Cape Town, Etiket and Ogilvy with five finalists each. (In terms of agency groups, Draftfcb leads the way.) 22 Sep 2010 Read more

Australia, here we come! Pendoring's prestige award winners off to learn abroad - PendoringThe dream of two young Johannesburg advertising creatives - to go and learn abroad - was realised over the weekend, when Morné Strydom, senior copywriter at Draftfcb, Johannesburg, and his art director colleague Marcus Moshapalo, left for 'Down Under' to go and study at the advertising agency Droga5 in Sydney and learn more about the latest global advertising trends. 16 Sep 2010 Read more

kykNET once again Pendoring standard bearer - PendoringAs the only fully-fledged Afrikaans TV channel in the world, it's important that kykNET encourages advertisers to advertise in Afrikaans, hence its loyal support of Pendoring's sustained initiative to promote and award Afrikaans advertising. 2 Sep 2010 Read more

Seasoned experts on 2010 Pendoring judging panel - PendoringA team of top advertising creatives and specialists has been hand-picked to judge the entries for the 16th annual Pendoring Advertising Awards for excellent Afrikaans advertising.The judging takes place on 10 and 11 September 2010 at Media Park in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. 18 Aug 2010 Read more

Good news for advertising creators who have been too tied up with work to finish and send their Pendoring entries before the deadline on 23 August 2010, is that the deadline has been extended to 30 August 2010. The bad news, however, is that all entries received after the official deadline of 23 August 2010 will be subject to a 5% late fee. 16 Aug 2010 Read more

Huisgenoot debuts as gold Pendoring sponsor - PendoringHuisgenoot, South Africa's biggest and most popular family magazine, has, for the first time, joined the growing list of official Pendoring sponsors and makes its debut in no less than 'golden' style! 3 Aug 2010 Read more

Ads24 once again firmly behind Pendoring - PendoringAs the national sales team for Media24 Newspapers, Ads24 plays a key role to ensure that a significant number of influential Afrikaans newspapers stand tall in an extremely competitive print media environment. 25 Jul 2010 Read more

AKTV and Pendoring join forces in aid of Afrikaans advertising - PendoringAs a cultural organisation that experiences, lives and actively promotes the Afrikaans language and culture, it is important that the ATKV also supports the Pendoring Afrikaans Advertising Awards. This will ensure that the creation of Afrikaans advertisements prospers, so that every South African who speaks or understands the language can enjoy it. 9 Jul 2010 Read more

Beeld celebrates readership status with gold Pendoring sponsorship - PendoringBeeld's involvement with the Pendoring Afrikaans Advertising Awards is stronger than ever this year with the daily's upgrading to gold sponsorship status. 21 Jun 2010 Read more

Millions of free advertising up for grabs at Pendoring 2010 - PendoringAfrikaans awards deliver the goods... and more. 3 Jun 2010 Read more

Research study after research study has confirmed that the Afrikaans speaking segment of the population continues to have considerable buying power, so companies that target this lucrative market with Afrikaans advertising should reap rich rewards as Afrikaans speakers tend to open their hearts, minds and wallets more readily when they are addressed in their mother tongue; the language of their thoughts. 22 May 2010 Read more

Rapport comes to the party as gold Pendoring sponsor - PendoringBy supporting the Pendoring Awards for excellent Afrikaans advertising, Rapport has once again shown that its pay-off line, We Speak Your Language (Ons Praat Jou Taal) is not mere lip service. 13 May 2010 Read more

Toyota once again leads the way with Pendoring sponsorship - Pendoring“Afrikaans-speaking South Africans have always been kind and loyal towards Toyota. For this reason the company will once again support Pendoring this year, helping to promote Afrikaans advertising,” says Pieter Klerck, senior manager: planning and advertising at Toyota South Africa. 16 Apr 2010 Read more

New structure for Pendoring Advertising Awards - PendoringIn its new structure of a fully-fledged Section 21 company with a board of directors, with plenary powers, consisting of representatives of all the stakeholders, Pendoring 2010 is set to take Afrikaans advertising to new heights going forward. 30 Mar 2010 Read more

Media24 and Pendoring both in search of excellence - Pendoring“Just like the Pendoring Advertising Awards strive to promote excellence in Afrikaans and Truly South African advertising, it is Media24's mission to use print media, mobile media and the Internet to create a personal reference world of excellent information, entertainment and educational value that's accessible 24 hours a day at any place or on any platform. To successfully realise this mission, Afrikaans advertising is essential, hence Media24 backs Pendoring all the way.” So says Media24 CEO Francois Groepe. 27 Aug 2009 Read more

Ads24 firmly behind Pendoring - PendoringAs the national sales team for Media24: Newspapers, Ads24 plays a key role to ensure that a significant number of influential Afrikaans newspapers stand tall in an extremely competitive print media environment. 19 Aug 2009 Read more

Pendoring shines with four Loerie finalists - PendoringPendoring has done it again! Rather than being the exception, it has become the rule for the Pendoring Advertising Awards - which recognise and promote excellence in Afrikaans advertising - to shine with finalist status (and later a bird or two) at its predominantly English counterpart, the Loeries - which rewards creativity in all marketing communication disciplines. 23 Jul 2009 Read more

Vodacom Pendoring's 'Player 23' - PendoringAs a brand known for its likeable and memorable advertising, Vodacom has always had an appreciation for creative and impactful advertising, so it fully supports the Pendoring Advertising Awards in its pursuit to acknowledge and reward advertising excellence in general, and specifically in one of South Africa's native languages. 13 Jul 2009 Read more

ATKV supports Pendoring in word and deed - Pendoring“Consumers face advertising every single day of their lives. It's the language that encourages them to go into action, and this is why the ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging) invests in Pendoring. We see it as a mechanism that will ensure Afrikaans speakers hear the most beautiful language every day and then hopefully learn and use it.” 26 Jun 2009 Read more

Pendoring student winners keen to notch up another gold - Pendoring"Richness of Afrikaans makes it a great communication medium." 22 Jun 2009 Read more

Rapport speaks Pendoring's language - supporting excellent Afrikaans advertising all the way. 4 Jun 2009 Read more

Dagbreek Trust and Pendoring 'soul mates' - Pendoring“The Dagbreek Trust and Pendoring are ideal companions: both put the promotion and survival of Afrikaans and Afrikaans media first." 22 May 2009 Read more

Great excitement about new category for Truly South African advertising. 18 May 2009 Read more

Hard-hitting 2009 Pendoring campaign wants to prevent Afrikaans from losing its lustre - PendoringTV newsreader Riaan Cruywagen, a waiter in a steakhouse? Not so far-fetched and inconceivable - if Afrikaans advertising is allowed to lose its brilliance! 12 May 2009 Read more

For the Pendoring Advertising Awards it certainly is not a case of the longer it lasts, the worse it becomes, but rather the longer it lasts, the more... and better it becomes! 5 May 2009 Read more

FNB backs Pendoring for third consecutive year - Pendoring“Pendoring gives FNB the opportunity to acknowledge excellent Afrikaans advertising, which allows this target market to make meaningful buying decisions, particularly in the current tough economic environment where money is scarce," says Ilse Smuts, FNB Marketing Manager: Core Banking Solutions. 24 Apr 2009 Read more

While many companies tend to underestimate the value of good Afrikaans advertising and the buying power of Afrikaans speakers, Toyota is reaping rich rewards from its ongoing support of and investment in Afrikaans advertising. 9 Apr 2009 Read more

Pendoring 2009 has set off at a dazzling pace! 25 Mar 2009 Read more