It's said that the true value of an idea lies in what you do with it. Ask Achievement Awards Group - South Africa's leading human performance improvement company - what they're doing idea-wise, and the answer is simple: Plenty! 13 Feb 2013 Read more >>

The Heart of Leadership, a two-day facilitated professional development workshop, explores Motivation Through Recognition and is designed to give leaders the understanding, tools and confidence they need to integrate recognition into everyday management practice. 26 Jul 2012 Read more >>

This unique two-day facilitated recognition skills development workshop is taking place on the 6th and 7th of June at the St Andrews Boutique Hotel and Spa, Bedfordview - Johannesburg. 22 May 2012 Read more >>

As incentive industry pioneers, Achievement Awards Group is renowned within the South African business landscape as lead providers in innovative improvement solutions. As the corporate climate has evolved in recent years, along with business and people performance challenges, they took the opportunity to make some changes. Reassessing to clarify their position. Refreshing their product range. Restyling their look and re-launching the brand. The new look reflects that they're about a lot more than motivation. 9 May 2012 Read more >>

It is widely held that, according to Fortune Magazine, 90% of organisations fail to implement their planned strategies - not because of poor strategy, but due to bad execution. The eValue survey goes to the heart of strategy implementation, identifying specific areas where execution is failing. 18 Apr 2011 Read more >>

Individuals do influence their own productivity - but 70% of their performance is caused by environmental factors. Consider this - performance improvement is directly influenced by the work environment. 7 Apr 2011 Read more >>

An incentive audit simply identifies the incentive programs that are in place; which elements are working and which are not. Based on our 30 years experience in the industry, we tend to identify the issues quite quickly. 7 Apr 2011 Read more >>