34° Kenya are blowing it

We like to celebrate our good news by blowing our over-the-top vuvuzela any chance we get.
34° Kenya are blowing it

We’ve been in the East African market for just over 24 months. We believed that clients were crying out for a fresh perspective from the tired old ways of delivering creative solutions.

And it now seems that the Marketing Society of Kenya are also buying into our strategically led problem-solving advertising ideas.

34° Kenya are blowing it
The MSK Awards are the prestigious annual awards ceremony that celebrate agency and brand excellence and a clear demonstration of marketing leadership.

34° Kenya won in the following categories:

Best Product Launch for Brookside Fruitness (Overall Winner)

Best Advertising Campaign 2017 for Delamere (Overall Winner)

Judges Choice for Brookside (Overall Winner)

So thank you to our Kenya clients for having the courage to back a start-up as we strive to outperform the competitors in a host of categories. You’re welcome to give our vuvuzela a toot next time you visit.

And to those clients who are tired of the ‘same old same old’ work, you now know who to call!

23 Nov 2017 11:14