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OFM listener wears most talked-about gown to matric farewell

The matric dance has become a defining moment in the life of many young ladies. It has become mandatory to have the best dress, the best date - the best of everything.
OFM listener wears most talked-about gown to matric farewell
Margerite Schoeman's dream came true when she won the most talked-about matric dance dress competition on the Breakfast Club on OFM with her daring idea for a matric dance dress.

Margerite says the week before The Breakfast Club launched their 'most talked-about' matric farewell dress competition on OFM, she and her friends already talked about "way-out" ideas for matric dance dresses. "Wouldn't it be cool," Margerite said to a friend, "if you could wear a dress made from newspapers." One morning, running late for school, she heard about the competition and SMSed her idea to OFM. This turned out to be the winning entry.

This young lady from Eunice High School in Bloemfontein will have tongues wagging when she arrives for her matric dance this Friday. Her newspaper-inspired gown was made especially for her by renowned Bloemfontein based designer, Casper, who decided to use stories from Margerite's matric year, with all its ups and downs, to put together a mock paper that would be printed on fabric and turned into a spectacular gown.

According to Tim Thabethe, presenter of the Breakfast Club on OFM, "The matric dance is a special occasion for young ladies. We wanted to take this opportunity to make it memorable and to give a lucky listener a nostalgic experience."

11 Oct 2012 10:11