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OFM presenter challenges Steve Hofmeyer to hike to Cape Town

Thursday morning just after the 8am news bulletin, carrying the story regarding the Steve Hofmeyr - U2 farm murder reports, OFM's breakfast presenter Tim Thabethe got a call from a farmer challenging Tim to do something about the farm murders and not just speak about it. He offered Tim R10 per kilometer if he hitchhikes to Cape Town in time for the U2 concert.
As a regional radio station that caters for a large segment of the South African farming community, Thabethe decided to take up the challenge and in exchange challenged Steve Hofmeyr to hitchhike with him to the U2 show in Cape Town.

Following the call, OFM received several calls from their listeners and currently have R50 000 on the table should Tim make it on time for the concert. John Langford from Big Concerts has offered Tim entrance to the concert on the provision he sells boerewors rolls. All funds raised along the route will go to the Agri Securitas Trust fund - a fund that looks after the safety and security of farmers and their farm workers in South Africa.

According to Tim Zunckel, OFM's programme manager, "The station has been in contact with Steve Hofmeyer, outlining the challenge. Steve took up the challenge and cleared his schedule for the day tomorrow and will join Tim when they leave for Cape Town in the course of Friday morning. They will have to cover the 1000km's in the course of the day, putting their hitchhiking fingers where their mouths are."

18 Feb 2011 11:28