The Ninety9cents Way

Many advertising agencies have many different ways of doing things. Many of them work and many of them work as well as ours.

The Ninety9cents way of doing things is therefore not necessarily the only way of doing things but it works for us, and we're pretty sure that it will work for our clients too.

The Nintey9cents way is to be remarkable.

Re-mark-a-ble (adjective)

1. Worthy of notice
2. Unusual
3. Worth remarking about

You may feel that it is quite difficult to be remarkable in everything you do. It's easy to stare into the “big-ness” of something and think it is unattainable but when you understand something, like we understand remarkable, you'll see it only takes a bit of dedication.

How are we remarkable?

We believe that we shouldn't speak to someone, but rather, speak with someone, in such a way that they look forward to the next conversation. We apply this philosophy to our work, to create work that engages consumers.

We want our clients, and in turn their customers, to look forward to every piece of communication we produce. And, by creating remarkable work, our clients' customers will tell their friends about it — remark on it. And this way, these customers haven't just bought our clients' products; they've bought into the product.

And when you think about it, being remarkable really just starts with a simple conversation. Something simple and small, that can lead to something, well, remarkable.