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New business wins at Business Positioning SystemsDigital location management specialist Business Positioning Systems (BPS) has announced a number of new business wins. In the last six weeks, BPS has added Auto Pedigree, Domino's Pizza, Supa Quick and Shoprite Liquor/Checkers Liquor to their growing list of blue chip clients. 10 Jul 2015 Read more

The state of digital location data in South AfricaThe physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. Today there is an almost seamless transition from digital interaction to physical transaction - how often do you search on your phone before shopping? According to BPS (Business Positioning Systems), any business with physical locations needs to replicate their physical footprint across all relevant digital platforms. 1 Jun 2015 Read more

Business Positioning Systems releases Gauge - reporting for Google My Business/PlacesBPS has announced the launch of Gauge, a reporting product that provides clients with monthly performance and ROI on their Google My Business/Places listings. 26 Mar 2015 Read more

Business Positioning Systems welcomes new Head of SalesLeading location-based search company Business Positioning Systems (BPS) is pleased to announce the addition of Buster Pitt to its team as Head of Sales. 16 Feb 2015 Read more

New entrant to UK restaurant sector dominates local searchSpur, the South African-based family restaurant and steakhouse chain, may have a relatively small physical footprint in the UK but it is punching above its weight in terms of digital strategy. Although the chain has only eight locations, you'd think it has many more based on its Google My Business Locations presence. 22 Oct 2014 Read more

BPS focus on core strength, leading the way in local search optimisationFor five years Business Positioning Systems (BPS) has operated across a range of location-based mobile media. Now after a venture capital deal, the company has spun out its mobile advertising arm, allowing BPS to focus on its core competency in the local search arena. 21 Oct 2014 Read more

Business Positioning Systems drive consumers to BP's fuels pumpsLocation based media company Business Positioning Systems (BPS), in association with leading media agency Mindshare, have over the last 12 months built and optimised BPs digital footprint, driving consumers to the pumps, and in store. 28 Aug 2014 Read more

Business Positioning Systems (BPS) launches Vicinity Mobile Ad Network with true proximity targetingThe days of blind mobile networks cornering the SA mobile media landscape are finally over. Business Positioning Systems (BPS), co-founded by Neil Clarence and Daryl Van Arkel, are proud to announce the launch of Vicinity, a mobile advertising network that offers true proximity targeting to advertisers. 9 Apr 2014 Read more

Nedbank has comissioned Google Places Optimisation specialists Business Positioning Systems (BPS) to manage the performance of its virtual footprint on Google Places. 4 Feb 2014 Read more

Telmap hits 1,000,000 downloads in SA just in time for the festive season usage spikeAs of end November Telmap and BPS are delighted to release that download numbers have reached the magical 1,000,000 mark! This marks a milestone in the industry leading app's lifetime. Over the last 15 months Telmap has delivered unmatchable results off a relatively small base - having delivered CTR's of over 5% and conversions of up to 45%. With Telmap coming pre-installed on Samsung devices as well as being marketed Vodacom this user base is surging strongly into the festive season when usage traditionally spikes by around 120%. 4 Dec 2013 Read more

You must have been a very good media strategist...Because this festive season we're giving you 8% CTR and a 40% acquisition rate! 5 Nov 2013 Read more

Telmap Navigator - get better results than your current digital platform or you get your spend back!Telmap Navigator, the award winning navigation app is providing unrivaled advertiser results. 22 Apr 2013 Read more

Telmap Navigator launches in SA, goes to no 1 app. KFC, BP and Nando's see huge benefitLocation based media solutions company, Business Positioning Systems (BPS) continued to offer clients massive advertising value from various navigation solutions, when a host of brands where given "Branded Widgets" on the Telmap Navigator home screen and "Carousel" which launched on 1 July. 14 Sep 2012 Read more

Cell C Xplorer (Telmap powered) launches with a host of Business Positioning Systems clients aboardLeading Location Based Media solutions company, Business Positioning Systems (BPS) continued to offer clients massive advertising value from various navigation solutions, when a host of their key clients where given "Branded Widgets" on the Cell C Xplorer platform powered by Telmap. 26 Apr 2012 Read more

Google advertising juggernaut... driving consumers to your branch (not just your website)In its ever-evolving quest for relevance, search/advertising giant Google is placing huge focus on the user's current (or future) location. Google now displays results based on search, with corresponding Google Places results (physical places where users can find their search results in the real world). 15 Mar 2012 Read more

BP gets "Pumped up for Summer" with Business Positioning Systems and Location Point AdvertisingOgilvy Interactive and mobile ad agency, 7 Different Kinds of Smoke, continued to deliver stellar results for clients; with leading petroleum company BP being the first petroleum retailer to experience first-hand how Location Based Marketing and LocationPoint Advertising in particular can boost a campaign. 8 Feb 2012 Read more

Steers use Location Point Advertising to target 'on the go' consumersSteers is one of South Africa's leading quick service restaurant brands, with a reputation for restaurant quality food, prepared quickly for consumer convenience. As convenience is a major consumer requirement when selecting a fast food option, Steers recently added a location based media element to their recent Oreo ice cream promotion. 7 Feb 2012 Read more

After three weeks of intense judging activity, the shortlist for the 2011 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards has been announced. 10 Oct 2011 Read more

Yes it's a bold statement, but its true. Firstly lets quickly define what Google Places is as opposed to Google Maps or Earth. Google Places is simply the name that Google has given to the location relevant part of search and comprises Maps and Earth. 27 Jun 2011 Read more

Leading Location Based Media solutions company, Business Positioning Systems(BPS), hits it out the park for Spur Steak Ranches and Panarotti's Pizza Pasta in the Month of December with the restaurant group's most successful digital campaign to date. 23 May 2011 Read more

During December and January 2011, Visa offered individuals the chance to win flights to any global destination by simply swiping their Visa cards at South Africa's international airports. 29 Mar 2011 Read more

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