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Vicinity Media is Africa's first true Premium location based ad network.
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You definitely haven't seen this video before...Not satisfied with releasing a "me too" video product, location-based mobile network Vicinity Media have worked hard to release a truly first-to-market location-focused video solution and are proud to announce the product includes some global innovations. 8 Nov 2017 Read more

Vicinity Media - Over 100 million impressions not served this monthThe digital advertising industry is full of networks and companies that continually talk about the billions of impressions they serve and the huge reach they have access to. 27 Sep 2017 Read more

Vicinity Media releases Visitability ReportingMobile advertising network Vicinity Media has released proprietary geo-fencing and audience location technology that allows for real world visit reporting post exposure to a mobile web advertising campaign. Although visit tracking from App has been around for some time, such reporting in the mobile web space is a global innovation. Vicinity Media COO Neil Clarence comments, “From the research we've done, the global events we've attended and the companies we've engaged with, we believe this is a global first to market solution.” 2 Aug 2017 Read more

Vicinity Media releases Time to LocationVicinity Media have released a new location-specific feature, Time to Location. Since releasing their Dynamic Distance Window and Custom Landing Page features last year, Vicinity Media's clients have been able to display either the distance to their brand location, or a location-specific custom message within banner and landing page. 5 Jul 2017 Read more

Gavin Emes is in the VicinityVicinity Media have announced that digital media heavyweight Gavin Emes will be joining the location-based mobile network. Emes will head up Vicinity's African expansion, bringing with him over a decade's experience in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa and the UK. 30 May 2017 Read more

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