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How Trump won America: A documentaryThere's no question about it: the 2016 presidential race in the United States was one of the most fascinating and important events in the history of that country. 19 Feb 2018 Read more

Everything coming to Showmax SA in FebruaryIt's going to be another big year at Showmax with more binge-worthy shows being added every single week! Series fans are in for a treat this February with shows like The Cleaner, Killjoys and The Handmaid's Tale - and all international series will be available from the 1st of the month, so no waiting for them to launch! On the movie front we're adding top class titles like The Borrowers, Grease and West Side Story. And be sure to check out Point of Order and the Radio Raps TV Show which are representing the local scene! 1 Feb 2018 Read more

15 series that are first and only on ShowmaxLooking for something different, something you've never tried before? Of course you are. You've come to the right place: these 15 award-winning, critically acclaimed and fan favourite series are only available on Showmax. You'll find them all in the First on Showmax Collection. 1 Jan 2018 Read more

Meet the cast of Tali's Wedding DiaryThe cast behind the hit bridezilla mockumentary is packed with gorgeous Capetonians that you mind find sipping a non-GMO avocado smoothie with activated charcoal along the Sea Point promenade. 19 Dec 2017 Read more

The Handmaid's Tale, now streaming on ShowmaxThe time: Oh, not so far from now. The place: Once known as the United States of America, it is now called the Republic of Gilead. The rule: A military dictatorship enforcing laws based on an extreme fundamentalist misinterpretation of The Bible. The show: The Handmaid's Tale (2017-current, Season 1 is on Showmax). 8 Dec 2017 Read more

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