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SAFREA is the Southern African Freelancers Association. We provide advocacy, support and resources to freelancers in the media and communications industry, and provide tools, training and networking to freelance professionals.

Latest news

SAFREA and Gentle Reminders Club support prompt payment of freelancersRecognising the need to encourage clients to settle invoices timeously, the Southern African Freelancers' Association has put its name behind a business community service that works to do just that. 1 Mar 2018 Read more

SAFREA launches 2018 freelancer rates surveyThe 2017/2018 SA Freelance Media Industry and Rates Survey is live! This is a critical tool to gather relevant information on the sector and most importantly, to assess current rates trends which we believe will help set the financial parameters for freelancing businesses. 23 Feb 2018 Read more

Google-Getty deal is good, but more needs to be doneSAFREA applauds the partnership between Google and Getty Images that was announced earlier this month with a view to preventing photographic copyright infringement. 22 Feb 2018 Read more

SAFREA denounces jailing of journalistsFor the second year in a row, the number of journalists imprisoned for their work has reached a record high, marking a new low for press freedom. 18 Dec 2017 Read more

Southern African Freelancers' Association applauds victory for media independenceIt is with great excitement that SAFREA shares the news of two major wins for a more independent public broadcaster and greater media freedom in South Africa. 25 Oct 2017 Read more

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