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Perfect Word was established to offer the market a full, turnkey communications, writing and marketing service that is both professional and affordable, driven by passionate experts.
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Is your data management an illusion?With the exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ever-expanding digital era, businesses face a flurry of data. This constant stream of information demands attention. Why? Because businesses already have all the information at hand to make impactful, positive, strategic decisions; if only they knew how to access it. 7 Feb 2018 Read more

The value of on-site security managementIn the security industry, discipline and integrity are critical factors. A United States security expert* recently confirmed that; "the supervision of security guards is the most important and most difficult challenge of a security company." Guarding is a career that requires a large set of skills - and while guards may be proficient in one area, this does not mean that they are able to deliver on the full skillset required. For this reason, supervision, hands-on management and a level of mentorship is required. 1 Feb 2018 Read more

Lowering the "normal" cost of maintenanceConsidering how maintenance and parts inventories have evolved in recent years, and the increasingly strategic approach to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), it is apparent that visibility is one of the most important drivers at every step in the manufacturing and plant engineering process. There was a time when the process for maintaining mission-critical equipment and replacing failing components was deceptively simple. That time has long since given way to intricate systems requiring infinitely more intricate management solutions. 10 Jan 2018 Read more

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