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Is SA's bottled water market pumping?According to the City of Cape Town's Water Dashboard (4 September 2017), the current dam levels are estimated at 35.1% and the volume of usable water is 10% less than the measured dam levels. In supermarkets around the city, bottled water displays have become a common sighting and residents are clearly stocking up on water to prevent shortages. Will the ongoing drought help drive the bottled water industry in 2017 and beyond? 26 Sep 2017 Read More

Is SA's fast food market still growing?It is clear from the addition (e.g. Popeyes) and expansion of several fast food brands in the South African fast food market, that a large appetite for quick meals and indulgence exists amongst South African consumers. However, given the challenging economic environment, will the South African fast food market continue to grow in 2017? 4 Sep 2017 Read More

Is SA's healthcare getting better?Insight Survey's latest South African Healthcare Industry Landscape Report 2017 provides a holistic understanding of the healthcare landscape in South Africa based on the latest information and research. 28 Aug 2017 Read More

SA energy drinks market, Monsters vs Bulls?Our lives are becoming increasingly frantic: trying to balance work pressures, family obligations and personal time into one's daily schedule is challenging. So, for many of us, a daily energy boost has almost become a necessity, and the myriad of energy drinks available in South Africa has made it a convenient, on-the-go solution. 7 Aug 2017 Read More

Is the SA fruit juice market being squeezed?Whether braving the queues at the supermarket at month-end or sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop, one cannot help but notice the increasingly greater variety in fruit and vegetable juice flavours available to enjoy. What are the latest trends and reasons for these trends in the South African market? Is always reliable orange juice becoming too (dare one say it) ...boring? 17 May 2017 Read More

SA cold and flu industry: In sickness and in health...The 2017 cold and flu season is almost upon us again... in South Africa, seasonal flu tends to be very common, and usually lasts from April to August. With the rise of the antibiotic-resistant “superbug” and more aggressive strains of the influenza virus, OTC cold and flu remedies will again be on the rise during this period! 13 Mar 2017 Read More

Is café culture fuelling the SA coffee industry?For many consumers across the globe their morning ritual will not be complete without a cup of coffee: at home, on-the-go or during a business meeting at an upmarket pavement café. Coffee is the second-most consumed beverage in the world after water. It is, however, significantly more than just a beverage. In fact, it is a global commodity that is one of the world's most traded products, second in value only to oil. Considering the growing global demand for coffee, what trends are being observed in the South African coffee market? 27 Feb 2017 Read More

Is the humanisation trend wagging the SA pet care market?Around the world, similar scenes play out daily: the health-conscious go running with a dog by their side, dogs and children play elaborate games in local parks, glamourous ladies do window shopping with an equally stylishly dressed dog at their heels... Pets are becoming increasingly important, with a growing number of pet owners treating their pets as family members, and spending more on their pets. Can similar trends be seen in South Africa? 20 Feb 2017 Read More

Is Banting moving the SA cheese market forward?Over the past few years, the global cheese market is one sector that has seen tremendous growth, however, given the significant economic challenges facing South African consumers cheese products are often viewed as a luxury purchase. With the Noakes-induced Banting trend in South Africa prescribing the consumption of cheese, just what impact, if any, is this phenomenon having on domestic consumption trends? 9 Feb 2017 Read More

Is the vitamins and supplement market outpacing the SA economy?Considering the increasing global consumer awareness about good health, well-being and preventative healthcare, the unprecedented growth observed in the vitamins and supplements market in the last ten to fifteen years is unsurprising. However, given the economic challenges being faced by South African consumers over the past few years, has the South African market followed the global growth trend or succumbed to the negative market forces being exerted on consumers? 30 Jan 2017 Read More

Is SA's love for fast food still growing?The philosophical doctrine of 'change being the only constant', is wholly applicable to the South African fast food industry as stakeholders are forced to constantly craft competitive responses to capriciously fluid market dynamics. These innovative strategies fuelled strong domestic growth as well as the launch and rapid expansion of multinational brands such as Burger King, Domino's Pizza, Starbucks and Pizza Hut. The key question is whether all these developments have helped to grow the fast food market in 2015/2016? 26 Sep 2016 Read More

Is the bottled water market drying up?The perception of the typical consumer is that water will always be readily available when required - turn open a tap and fill your glass or bottle. However, South Africa has recently experienced multiple droughts and dam levels have reached an all-time low in 2016 forcing water restrictions to be put in place. Does this mean that the bottled water, like tap water resources, are likely to be limited in upcoming years? 5 Sep 2016 Read More

Is the sports and energy drinks market 'stepping up'?In the fast-paced world we currently live in, an extra boost to your energy levels cannot be a bad thing - something that will enable you to keep up with deadlines as well as the demands of your personal life. What is the one thing you as an athlete or non-athlete can use for that instant energy fix? Energy drinks of course, and if you prefer replacing lost fluids and electrolytes, why not grab a sports drink! 22 Aug 2016 Read More

Is the global health trend bringing out the 'best' in tea?Considering the universal health benefits of tea, it seems an obvious answer. Since the majority of consumers are now looking for an alternative to sugar-rich carbonated beverages, tea presents the logical solution. After all, most herbal teas offer dietary or health benefits, whether it is aiding your digestive system, lowering blood pressure or just calming your nerves. 13 Jun 2016 Read More

Will SA's short-term insurance industry prosper?According to a recent report in a prominent South African publication, South Africa's short-term insurance industry is on the cusp of a significant growth period. Gross premium income is expected to increase to R121bn by 2017, equating to a whopping 39% increase over that period! However, whilst such projections may see industry stakeholders deliriously reaching for the Moët, such cause for optimism may be premature. 30 May 2016 Read More

Is the state of the SA chocolate industry 'unhealthy'?Over the past few years, the global health revolution has managed to firmly entrench its 'clean-eating' dogma into the minds of Mzansi consumers. As a result, we have witnessed a marked decline in SA chocolate consumption. 9 May 2016 Read More

Is SA's health trend boosting fruit juice sales?The answer seems obvious. It must be a resounding 'yes'. Surely, the health fundi battalion, armed with neon à la mode apparel and spurned on by draconian dietary ideology, must be boosting RTD juice sales as they wage their corporeal war against the proverbial 'bulge'? One may certainly be forgiven for thinking so anyway. 25 Apr 2016 Read More

Are SA coffee drinkers becoming more sophisticated?The life of the humble South African coffee mug is becoming somewhat precarious. This once cherished kitchen staple, generally emblazoned with whimsical caricatures or schmaltzy aphorisms (e.g. ''World's Greatest Dad''), is slowly being cast aside, increasingly playing second fiddle to its cosmopolitan and paper counterparts. 2 Mar 2016 Read More

Have vitamins and supplements become "essential" in SA?The liberal use of the word "essential" is, well essentially (pardon the pun), quintessential marketing rhetoric used throughout the vitamins and supplements sector. However, whilst the efficacy of said claims across this alphabetic smorgasbord are debatable, the sector's universal growth rate is simply unequivocal. 24 Feb 2016 Read More

A sticky situation: SA's sugar industry woesHackneyed puns aside, South Africa's sugar industry is in dire straits. Whilst the Goddess of the Harvest (or perhaps more literally the unfavourable weather conditions), is perceived to be the sole inflictor of such woe, Insight Survey claims that the current quagmire is in fact the combined result of a myriad of other factors - beyond that of the elements. 2 Nov 2015 Read More

Innovative strategies fuel SA fast food industry growthThe philosophical doctrine of 'change being the only constant', is wholly applicable to the South African fast food industry as stakeholders are forced to constantly craft competitive responses to capriciously fluid market dynamics. These innovative strategies have fueled phenomenal domestic growth over the past five years. 21 Sep 2015 Read More

Is SA's love for fast food defying banting?One may assume that the Noakes-induced banting trend, with its renouncement of carb-laden calories, may represent a formidable foe to the local fast food industry. But just what impact, if any, is this dietary phenomenon having on domestic consumption trends? 11 Aug 2015 Read More

The 'foreign' impact on South Africa's potato industryBe it the economic repercussions of the recent wave of xenophobic violence sweeping the country; the import tariff war waged against European markets; or the effects of foreign viruses on domestic crop yield, it is clear that the market environment of South Africa's potato industry is currently bound by a single common denominator: that of the 'foreign'. 6 Jul 2015 Read More

Behind the curve: SA's maize industry woesDespite strong growth in demand, global maize stocks have risen to multi-decade highs. Cumulative carryover stocks are forecast to reach a 27-year high by the end of 2014/15, led by strong gains in the major exporters and large worldwide harvests. However, according to Insight Survey's latest Carbohydrate Landscape Report this global production trend has been unable to gain traction in South Africa, as adverse weather conditions are putting strain on the local maize industry. 22 Jun 2015 Read More

'Dependency' is the trend in South Africa's rice industryWhether it's a reliance on foreign governmental support for agriculture (i.e. Thailand); riding the capricious waves of global import markets; having demand wax and wane in relation to the pricing of alternative staples; or simply being subjected to ever-changing consumer preferences (e.g. 'Banting'), the perennial trend in South Africa's Rice industry is that of 'dependency'. 8 Jun 2015 Read More

Is SA's 'low-carb' hype starving carb sales?This is the question on everyone's lips. 27 May 2015 Read More

Ensuring customer satisfactionCustomer Satisfaction research focuses on customers' perceptions and experience relative to products and services. 8 May 2015 Read More

Catering to customer needsCustomer needs analysis is used in a variety of product and brand management contexts, including concept development, product development, value analysis and customer value analysis. 4 May 2015 Read More

Understanding and improving your brandBrand tracking studies are an important tool in the day-to-day decisions brand managers make. They allow marketers to monitor a brand's health and adjust marketing programs. 15 Apr 2015 Read More

Understanding the customer decision-making processUnderstanding your customers is the secret to successful selling. Existing customers are important sources of information. 8 Apr 2015 Read More

Evaluating the success of Medical reps among medical practitionersMedical representatives more commonly referred to as "reps"are a key link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. 20 Mar 2015 Read More

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