Mother's Day - an ode from a father

Did you know that a mother can do anything? No? Well, mothers can see around corners, they can hear children through thick walls, and they can even interpret the silence of their children as if it is a fully developed language.
Mother's Day - an ode from a father

For example, a mother will be having a conversation with a friend, and all of a sudden yell at the children to stop writing on a wall, jumping on the beds, or taking sweets out of a cupboard. And she is never wrong.

Or, you would be having a (heated) conversation in the house, with the children playing outside, and she will stop mid-sentence and say: “The children are too quiet”. A father will mostly think: “Thank heavens for the silence”. But again, mom will be right, the silence means they are doing something they aren’t supposed to. It is almost as if a mother can 'hear' if it is a good or a bad silence.
How does she do all that?
As a father the only conclusion I could reach after many years, is that a mother truly can see around corners and hear through walls.


Another defining characteristic of the modern mom is how many different shoes she wears, and sometimes she wears more than one kind at once. Before I accidentally fall prey to the ire of all mothers reading this article for insinuating that their lives revolve around shoes, I am not. Shoes are my figure of speech for all the different roles mothers play.

Firstly, there are the professional shoes. Most mothers work full-time, albeit going to the office or managing a business from home. Early morning, she puts on her professional shoes (getting ready for work) and wears her cheerleader shoes (motivating the kids to get out of bed, get dressed and be ready for school).

Then she puts on her driving shoes to take the kids to school, or see them on their way to school, puts on her cellular phone shoes to make appointments, and sort out all kinds of crises. At work, it is full-time professional shoes, though she occasionally has to kick them off and has to put on her mommy’s shoes to answer a call from school, check the school’s WhatsApp group and take 'distress' calls from the kids. Fathers reading this piece needn’t be concerned if you don’t know why the 'distress' is in inverted commas, mothers know. But just for your information, it could range from anything from an argument between siblings to a 'really, really urgent need' for more airtime on a cellular phone.

Back home, after a tiring day, a mother changes shoes again, oftentimes at a lightning pace. There are the have-you-done-your-homework shoes, the help-with-the-homework shoes, the psychologist shoes, the nurse shoes, the dearest mommy shoes (consoling, giving advice), the see to the tummy shoes, the wetsuit shoes (seeing that the kids bathe and get ready for bed).

Different steps

Mothers don’t only wear different shoes as far as their children are concerned, they also give different steps walking with their children through life. It starts with little baby steps, and as the children grow older, the steps become longer, with a mother accompanying them all the way. Eventually it becomes a cyclical route when the children become parents themselves.

Capital Legacy recognises that a mother wears boots that nobody else can fill. That is why we assist mothers in putting on their future shoes to make provision for their children should they pass away. Also bear in mind that more than 40% of the mothers in our country are single mothers.
Dying intestate and having minor children, can have several negative outcomes for the children.

Two major outcomes will be the following: The Court will appoint a Guardian/Guardians for the minor child/children who might not have been the first choice of the parents. If the parents had a valid Last Will and Testament, this unfortunate situation would have been avoided.

Secondly, the assets of the Deceased Estate, will be placed in the Government’s Guardian Fund, because a minor child may not own or administer assets. The child’s guardian or tutor or curator may claim against the Guardian Fund for expenses regarding the needs of the minor child. This could be quite a lengthy process as every claim is scrutinised to ensure that it is above board. If the parents had a valid Will and Trust in place, none of the above would have been necessary.

Capital Legacy makes it easy for mothers to sleep peacefully knowing that their children’s next steps are secured with their Last Will and Testament in place.

Capital Legacy
Capital Legacy
Our mission is to ensure that more South Africans have valid Wills in place and to lower the legal fees at death for our clients.

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