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Five principles to drive brand growth

In a world of 24/7 data, the potential to make rapid and knowledgeable brand decisions has never been greater but most marketers aren't using it to their advantage.
Five principles to drive brand growth

The truth is, the quantity and speed of data today is a double-edged sword. It’s hard to know which key measures to focus on. Making decisions based on short term responses is likely to result in a focus on short-term sales, when the strongest effects often occur over the long term. Many marketers are looking for clarity on which metrics to measure – we know that focusing on fast access to the metrics that matter is the smart approach that will translate into brand growth.

Over the past few years, Kantar Millward Brown has been rewriting the rules of tracking studies to provide what marketers needs in a world that has gone from fast to even faster. Brands that focus their continuous tracking on the metrics that matter for success – the long-term indicators that move most quickly in the short term – will gain a competitive advantage.

We have developed a Brand Guidance program to help you compete in today's fast-moving world. It's time to start measuring what matters to make the right decisions with speed and confidence to grow your brand.

Act quickly to gain competitive advantage
Brands that have fast access to the right data are making real-time decisions to get ahead.

Be first to mind when it matters
Salience has a strong relationship with volume share but it’s not the only thing that matters.

Five principles to drive brand growth
Identify what drives sales now and into the future
Brands that are both salient and meaningfully different grow bigger, faster.

Be seen to be meaningfully different to drive profits
Meaningfully different brands can command a price premium that leads to higher profits.

Know where and how to invest
Use solid data and insights to break the rules with confidence.

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Join Nigel Hollis, Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst, and Claire Spaargaren, Global Brand Director, Brand Guidance, to learn how to put these five principles into practice.

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