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A new socio-economic segmentation system for the South African media industry

There have been a number of industry comments in the past week about "SELs" as a "replacement" for LSMs.
TNS is conducting the Establishment Survey on behalf of the two funders, the BRC and PRC respectively, as well as the AMF as the interested party. We have been asked to clarify what is happening with the development of the new socio-economic segmentation system for the South African media industry.

“SEL” is a TGI product that is designed to make direct global comparisons, not to supplant national systems. It will not be used in the new Establishment Survey.

The new ES has, as part of its remit, the development of a wholly new socio-economic segmentation system for South Africa.

The new socio-economic segmentation system is being developed by TNS’s Neil Higgs and will be a work in progress from October 2016. It will be subject to extensive consultation, starting with the initial workings being presented and workshopped in mid-October, at the industry-wide Establishment Survey Research Committee, comprising representatives from the BRC, the PRC and the AMF.

For further information, please contact:

Clare O’Neil

Peter Langschmidt

Gordon Muller

Peter Storrar

30 Aug 2016 08:51



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