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AMASA Durban

Charles Hale
Currently the Regional Director of The MediaShop and the Chairman for AMASA Durban serving on the networking and fundraising sub-committee. He has been involved with AMASA for 4 years now.

Michelle Wheeler
Currently working as a media planner at Media Direction OMD in Durban, having been in media for approximately 4 years. Has also been a member of AMASA for most of that time, but joined the committee only recently. Has also committed herself to the AMASA sub-committee for education and looks forward to being able to contribute strongly in this area.
Social Science Degree in Marketing and Psychology at the University of Natal, Durban, and has been on several industry related courses, including the AMASA Media Planning Workshop in May of 1998.

Ginny Cawdron

Norma Davidson

Trish Taylor

John McCormack

Brent Booysen

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