iLearn acquires Level 2 BBBEE status

Against existing convention within the ICT training and skills development industry, iLearn has met all stringent criteria to acquire Level 2 contributor Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) status. iLearn is a national specialist provider of onsite instructor-led and online e-learning training methodologies.
The company has been fully evaluated in terms of four key components being management and control, procurement, employment equity and socio economic development. These core components are aligned to the company's strategic goals, including enriching the country's skills pool, contribution to the empowerment of individuals and helping to address the socio-economic inequality and imbalance. Level 2 status ensures that clients are secured 125% recognition of spend when using iLearn's services.

Masses should benefit

Richard Rayne, managing director of iLearn, believes that true economic empowerment is about more than just ownership - it is a process of development that must begin with individuals and filter throughout the organisation in order to improve output and ensure that everyone gains. Existing empowerment strategies, generally, are suited for and only really benefit an exclusive elite group of individuals. "That should not be the case. In fact, the principles of true empowerment dictate that it is the masses who should benefit and gain the advantages of true BBBEE," says Rayne.

Having fulfilled all the necessary requirements, the training company has officially entered into the exclusive market domain of empowered, resourced service providers, but has the added advantage of a combined, all-round service offering. Rayne says the combination of the company's strong background in education, its knowledge of the environment and market, as well as its blended learning approach ties in very well with the principles of empowerment.

"Equal opportunity and the development of individuals is really what we believe to be the backbone of our company. We are proud to have acquired this status, it reflects the growing level of dedication and commitment we have in providing a service that makes a real difference to individuals and the market," he says.

Technology has a role to play

Speaking to the need for skills development and ensuring individuals gain the benefit of true socio-economic empowerment, management at iLearn believes it all begins with education, and technology has a key role to play. "An issue businesses often sit with in terms of deploying a learning solution is a lack of flexibility and scalability. This limitation impacts on the successful roll-out of much needed training. A blended solution addresses this issue by offering a flexible but realistic framework for tuition," says Rayne.

There is clear advantage to both models and the combination adds measurable value. "Online training provides greater flexibility to be able to learn in your own time and pace and mostly applicable for people who find it difficult to commit to a set date or prefer to learn in private. Courses can be accessed for a year and have the ability to redo as many times as required," he adds.

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