Breaking a yawn!

If there's one highlight on the big screen this year (and a sigh of relief), it's that the never-ending Twilight saga comes to final conclusion with the lifeless and dull The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2). What started out as an amusing saga fizzles into thin air.
Compared to other vamperistic thrillers, like the refreshing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or Let Me In (and the Swedish Let the right one in), or the classic Interview With A Vampire, Twilight is a pale reflection of its genre and devoid of feeling or imagination. With the second chapter of Breaking Dawn, it is clear why it is impossible to get emotionally involved with the story or its characters.

Breaking a yawn!Breaking a yawn!

Posing for Vanity Fair

In every shot of the film the cast looks as if they are posing for a Vanity Fair front cover photo shoot. They are living proof of the idealistic American dream; white, capped teeth and flawless perfection, not a hair out of place. Secondly, the dialogue reads like Hallmark greetings card and is delivered by the cast with serious and passionate intent. Thirdly, the visual effects look like visual effects and never deliver an ounce of realism. Yes, this is fantasy at its most extreme (and painful), but once characters leap from mountain to mountain, run through a forest at the speed of light, and disproportionate wolves try to evoke emotion, it is truly the end of day.

Everyone takes the film too seriously

A major problem is that everyone takes the film way too seriously, almost as if their lives depend on it, from the filmmakers to the extras. Also, now that Bella has grown a "pair", and Edward has lost his, the marriage is over and it is for certain that mummy and daddy will spend eternal bliss in fields of colourful flowers.

Twilight fans will undoubtedly melt and dissolve into mush, but for those who value their time, be warned. Not even the wrath of the mighty Volturis can save this entertaining and amusing romp from disaster.

Perhaps I have just outgrown the Twilight saga and am looking for something with much more bite!

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