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A new eye for 4iPreviously 4i Mobile, 4i has unveiled its new approach, brand, and strategy, as a mobile-first, full-service development collaborative. 9 May 2017 Read More++ launches first mobile is changing the game with the launch of their new iOS app 23 Mar 2017 Read More++
Varsity Sports: Beyond the pitch, field and stageVarsity Sports unveils a new version of their popular app 22 Jul 2016 Read More++
We're going on an adventure!New application makes it simple and fun to spend quality time with your kids (and other families) 3 May 2016 Read More++
LevelUp Android Application, designed by 4i MobileThe Reach Trust is excited to announce the release of an innovative mobile learning solution with the support of The FirstRand Empowerment Foundation. 10 Feb 2016 Read More++
Mobile tech predictions for 2016, by 4i MobileMobile technologies have driven a path right into our homes, schools, workplaces and even shopping malls at an exponential pace. Look back a decade, and smartphones weren't even a thought on many of our minds. Yet here we are, building applications to make life easier for every mobile user out there. And while the world of technology now has a firm presence in everyone's daily life, what can we look forward to? Here's a few of our mobile tech predictions for 2016: 1 Jan 2016 Read More++
Marketing mobile apps, by 4i MobileSo you've poured sweat, tears and developer brains into creating the very best mobile application for your business. Loading it to the relevant app stores and launching it into the world, you're excited by the new possibilities for your company, and you can't wait to see how your users enjoy it. But if it's so great, why is nobody downloading or using it? We've listed a few keys to help you market your mobile app: 12 Jan 2015 Read More++ unveils new mobile shopping, South Africa's most innovative online retailer has taken another step towards customer convenience by launching their iPhone and Android shopping apps in addition to the BlackBerry 10 app launched earlier this year. 5 May 2013 Read More++