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We're going on an adventure!

New application makes it simple and fun to spend quality time with your kids (and other families)
We're going on an adventure!

Adventure Clubs, a new mobile application, is now making it easier to take young children on an adventure and make epic memories with them.

The brainchild of mom entrepreneur, Janelle Schroy, the idea for Adventure Clubs came from her own desire to be highly intentional about her children’s childhood experiences. She began taking her children on one adventure each day in their city, exploring different themes such as animals, creative activities, the environment, museums, music, sports and more. While they were adventuring, she found other moms who wanted to join them on adventures. At first, it was a WhatsApp group, but within a few short months, it quickly became over 2400 moms, dads and kids as she posted photos and stories of their adventures on Facebook. Then, she began receiving messages from people around the world asking how they could start Adventure Clubs in their cities, and the idea for the mobile app was born.

How Adventure Clubs was born

When the adventure groups grew too large to manage on WhatsApp, Janelle realised that this idea was far bigger than a chat and a calendar, and it deserved its own digital presence. With the idea for the Adventure Clubs mobile application firmly set, and a captive, engaged and eager audience already in place, Janelle approached Cape Town mobile app development studio, 4i Mobile, to take on the task of bringing her dream application to life.

What does it do?

A free-to-download mobile application that’s available for both Android and iOS devices, Adventure Clubs offers families with young children an opportunity to craft epic childhood experiences. Catering for the age group of six months to six years old, the application categorises adventures in twelve ways: animals, creative, education, environment, food, music and dance, museums and culture, parks and playgrounds, sports & fitness, transportation, water play and other. Parents simply log in, browse for adventures near them and RSVP to the adventure. Parents can also invite other adventurers through the app, and each adventure usually ends up with a group of about ten moms (or dads) plus their kids, making a fun and exciting group dynamic of young families adventuring together.

Full flexibility

There are no sign-up fees, contracts or user subscriptions to pay. A fully flexible app, users can choose to go on an adventure whenever it suits them. Parents can also create their own adventures, invite others along and browse through adventure categories to find the option best suited to their child’s age and interests. Also included in the application is a private group chat, where co-adventurers can chat to each other and to the Adventure Leader about the adventure.

Parents, this is your moment to create epic childhood memories! Simply open up the Adventure Clubs mobile app, find an adventure near you, RSVP and enjoy! It’s time for fun!

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  • 3 May 2016 10:52