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Marketing mobile apps, by 4i Mobile

So you've poured sweat, tears and developer brains into creating the very best mobile application for your business. Loading it to the relevant app stores and launching it into the world, you're excited by the new possibilities for your company, and you can't wait to see how your users enjoy it. But if it's so great, why is nobody downloading or using it? We've listed a few keys to help you market your mobile app:
Usability Testing
If there’s one thing we cannot do enough of as a mobile development house, it’s usability testing. Ensuring that your users can navigate through your mobile application with ease, and find what they need to while they’re logged on is vital to your application’s success. If you’ve not been able to perform thorough usability testing before you launch, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!

Marketing mobile apps, by 4i Mobile

App Store Presence
We promise – your target audience is looking for you. Techno-savvy users and consumers know where to find what they need, and it’s up to you to ensure that you’re easy to spot. Significant branding, enticing copy and eye-catching visual elements will help your application to stand out while users are browsing through the app store. Bright and clear screenshots should be used to showcase your application within the app store, and don’t be shy to ‘sell’ your application’s most important functions in the description.

Advertisements and Media Placement
When it comes to buying advertising for your application, your only limitation is your budget. Luckily, thanks to the rise of social media as an effective marketing and consumer engagement tool, you don’t necessarily need to purchase billboard space or newspaper advertisements to get the word out about your application. Use your social media presence and purchase advertising on Facebook or the like, to reach your users or run fun promotions that reward users. For example, offer free delivery for orders placed through your application or make discount coupons available for use through it.

App Champions and Influencers
Ask Lady Gaga to tweet about something and, within seconds, the whole world knows about it. Marketing industry experts call this ‘influencer advertising’ but your budget probably won’t extend to paying Lady Gaga to tweet about your app. That’s okay – many other online influencers who are local and focused on showcasing your type of business may be affordable. Take a look at Webfluential, for example – a South African-borne Influencer relations and engagement platform that’s seen great success in recent times.

If you decide to make 4i Mobile your app development partner, there are more tips and tricks for marketing mobile apps which we’d be happy to share.
12 Jan 2015 14:14