Boston, Mr Price partnership paves the way for new talent

Boston and Mr Price give new meaning to the adage "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt" with their internship as part of Experience It! campaign is to produce work-ready graduates, and the Mr Price group will offer permanent positions to interns who catch their attention during the three month period, says Justin Bodill, talent development specialist at this fast growing retail group.
"I think it's a great initiative, helping to bridge the gap that exists between the world of study and the world of work," he says. "We are excited to see that Boston is taking proactive steps to help its students gain employment, and we are happy to assist. It ties in with our objectives to provide opportunities for new talent. We have a youthful culture within the Mr. Price Group, and are at the forefront of running these types of initiatives; so the partnership made perfect sense." Experience It!'s three minute features are on every Monday evening, with each show featuring a specific career. Under, the scrutiny of TV cameras, selected students visits company to find out more about the careers they're investigating for their future.

Viewers can follow the students as they learn about each career. Mr Price operations manager Chris Vorster was interviewed on Experience It! recently. "I realized afterwards that acting and being on TV in not for me - I would rather stick to my job, he jokes. "But it was a great experience; we achieved our goal of showing that the Mr Price Group can provide great career opportunities, should students want to join us." For accounting and/or business students with a knack for business students with a flair for fashion, Mr Price offers internships in the fields of merchandise buying and planning, marketing, finance, quality assurance and human resources in retailing environment. Those interested in the finer figures that are the cogs of a business machine can rather apply for an internship at Ernst & Young. The world-renowned auditing firm was approached by Boston because it is always on the lookout for good candidates in auditing. Ernst & Young's Carin Stern was surprised at how much preparation it took to shoot the company's three minute slot.

"It was quite a business," she says. "I even have to submit a quality and risk management assessment for the shoot - true to the values of an auditing firm." She laughs. The professional service of auditing firms are similar; what distinguishes them is the internal culture of the organisation, says Stern. She believes that being on Experience It! helped to showcase the firm to prospective students. "It was fun and informative, but we are even more excited about the internship partnership we have established with Boston. We will be offering accounting students three-month internships, and those who meet the standards will be aggressively pursued to become part of our company," she says.

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3 Mar 2011 13:12