Experience it! College-corporate partnerships bring benefits to learners...

Showing an industry need for good quality graduates, willing to work for short periods to gain experience and enhance their CV's, Boston City Campus and Business College has joined forces with major corporates to provide many of their learners with invaluable work experience.
Experience it! College-corporate partnerships bring benefits to learners...
The Experience it! programme has taken off in such a big way that the directors of Boston City Campus and Business College are excited. Interest expressed by companies has been so enormous, that Boston has taken on permanent staff who liaise with companies, learners and Boston to fill the temporary labour needs of companies.

"The basic premise of this initiative was to try and assist our learners to gain some form of work experience to add to their cv's, so when they do apply for permanent jobs, they have real time work skills and experience to offer the hiring company," says Ari Katz, CEO of Boston.

"We have employed full time staff to help the companies meet their skills needs as we found this to be a project on its own that requires full time attention," Katz continues. " We meet with each company and consult with them regarding their needs for the end of 2011 in this way allowing Boston to groom learners towards the positions and regions where the vacancies will be.

While we are not asking companies to pay the learners, most are willing to do so and realise that a motivated learner performs better and is more productive. However recruitment agents and learners agree that three months of workplace experience has such a high value on your cv that it is worth it for the student, even if they do not get paid".

Katz is thrilled with the interest shown by companies. These include Emperor's Palace, Rectron (IT), Callforce, PAG, both in recruitment, The Star, the Argus, MoB (digital marketing), Jawitz Properties, Agent Orange and Ernst and Young, one of the largest accounting firms in Southern Africa, as well as many more.

"While the intention is to line up work positions for learners who will be qualifying towards the end of 2011," says Katz, " many positions are actually being advertised in our branches right now for immediate placement. This project is opening so many doors for Boston learners, its bigger and better than we expected."

To further aid learners, we have also commissioned a TV series on career choices within some of the actual companies so that learners get a true indication of certain careers and what people do in them on a day-to-day basis. Be sure to look out for the Experience It! series on E-TV every Monday starting 10th January 2011 at 18h27.

Our community contribution is large in this project. Companies are being offered labour to fill positions such as those when people go on annual leave without having to commit to new employees, for the six week to three month period. In order to bring more value to the companies they will also receive media exposure during the period of 2011 praising them for their community contribution. Learners will get an opportunity to apply their skills in a real work place and add this to their CV. "It's turned out to be a win-win for all involved," concludes Katz.

Learners wishing to participate in the Experience it! programme should CLICK HERE.

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For more information view the Boston Facebook Page or call 011 551 2000.

19 Jan 2011 11:47