Technology always tops so students ready for work

While the jury is still out on merits of increasing the use of technology in soccer, the role of technology in the modern-day workplace remains undeniably important. Commenting on the soccer furore of late, Kerry Damons of Boston City Campus & Business College the whole technology vs. referee debate was bound to happen sooner or later. "Soccer is 'work' for soccer players," she elaborates.
"Their earnings are determined by their performance and skills on the pitch - that's how they make a living. With the teams from Mexico, England and our own Bafana having been on the receiving end of referee error, it seems as though the time has come for the FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, to reconsider introducing goalline technology - no matter what it costs."

Damons sees the increase of technology in sport as unavoidable. "It is almost impossible to thrive in a society where technology reigns supreme," she says. "Would you be able to submit your financial reports on time if you had to do them by hand? I'm sure we can all think of a thousand things we would not be able to accomplish without the use of some or other form of tehnology." She welcomes the debate about the technology in soccer as it confirms that Boston City Campus & Business College is on the right track concerning its commitment and investment in technology.

"We are driven by the need to offer a student training that leads to meaningful employment," she says. "We invest considerably in keeping up to date so that our students receive the most up-to-date training on the most up-to-date equipment. This gives us and those who graduate from our training a competitive advantage."

Boston City Campus & Business College was voted the Best Computer Training College by Star readers in 2008 and 2009. The Star Your Choice Awards competition runs annually over the course of eight weeks, giving readers the opportunity to vote for their favourite businesses in different categories, namely Best Food, Drink and Entertainment, Best Places and Things and Best Services and Shopping. Students that obtain an IT qualification from Boston can rest assured that the training they receive will make it possible for them to succeed in a career in IT. The Computing Technology Association (CompTIA) has given Boston recognition as one of its top Platinum Class Education Partners.

But technology is not limited to IT careers only IT points out. Other fields of work require training on industry-specific technology such as animation, graphics, video, sound technology and radio among others. Boston City Campus & Business College's media house has the latest equipment so that students can progress from college directly the world of work. Boston also offers tuition towards sports qualification and is a training body for Cricket SA. Those interested in following a career in sport can opt for one of three courses on offer, namely Sport Administration, Sport Club Management, and Football Coaching. The courses include modules in word processing, spreadsheets, windows and introduction to PC's. "We will have to follow developments closely to see if the curriculum of our sports courses need adjusting once FIFA decides where to draw the technology line, so to speak," Damons adds.

She agrees with the FIFA president that technology cannot supersede human judgment. "Blatter has said that no matter which technology is applied, at the end of the day decision will be taken by a human being. However, without the right tools, a human being will find it difficult to perform at his or her best," she points out. "Clearly the outcry over the two incidents this week has caused Blatter to rethink, and he revealed new plans to improve officiating at matches, without going into detail."

As for Boston City Campus & Business College, Damons reiterates that the institution intends "continuing to align our training with the latest technology that our students are adequately prepared for the world of work".
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7 Jul 2010 13:21