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Great news: Boston College is now open for mid-year registrations. We know everybody is excited about the World Cup, but if you are interested in getting the right start to a career, you should enrol as soon as possible. Remember all the fun of the football event in our country will not give you the further education needed to enter the job market. The sooner you enroll and start studying, the better. Boston City Campus Business College has 47 campuses all over South Africa. A variety of market-related courses offered. These include computers, management, marketing, tourism, sport administration, public relations, human resources, paralegal, media, secretarial, accounting and Unisa Centre for Business Management programmes.
Students can enroll for a full qualification or for one or more short-learning programmes. A student can study full-time, part-time or flexi-time. Boston has a unique teaching method, ensuring that Boston lecturers are never late, in a bad mood or on strike. It also ensures that a student can never miss a class or fall behind, even if he or she is absent for a few days due to unforeseen circumstances. Qualified training facilitators are always on hand to assist, answer questions and monitor student progress throughout the study period.

Quality study manuals are included in tuition fees. Boston also offers something free for people still at school. With the football, a very long time holiday is around the corner. Why not use this time to your benefit? So many youngsters are confused about career choices, study options and the world of work. Boston College in conjunction with industrial psychologist Avro Herr developed a computerised career-guidance program. Anyone is welcome to go to Boston College and use the program. You sit at a computer and we show you what to do. You will start by answering a list of questions where you just click yes or no, depending on your personality. (Examples of the questions are: do you like performing in front of people? Do you like to make things with your hands? And so on). At the end, the program will use your answers to produce your unique interest profile, showing your fields of interest.

We will make a printout of your interest profile to take home and discuss with your parents and peers. Next, you can click around and explore the world of careers, tertiary studies and work. Detailed information is given on what each career is about, what job opportunities there are in that field, what a person needs to study and employment trends. As this is a service to our country's youth it is completely free. Young people especially those in matric, are encouraged to go to our campus, preferably on A Saturday morning, to use the program. You are welcome.

For more information, contact Boston City Campus and Business College on 011 551 2000, e-mail or visit www.boston.co.za.

11 Jun 2010 12:06