Maintenance Planning/Scheduling for Improved Reliability/Uptime

A poorly maintained asset, whether it's a substation, refinery or oil and gas facility or a piece of machinery simply cannot produce what it was originally designed to do. Unfortunately, many senior managers in technical fields have a weak understanding of the role that good maintenance planning and scheduling practices play in the economic success of a company.

Added to this lack of understanding is the reality that most organisations simply do not have a proper maintenance planning and scheduling function, and those that do are often frustrated because it doesn't work like it should!

Maintenance planning and scheduling is a critical part of today's pro-active maintenance equation...and if you are reading this thinking that it doesn't work like this in your maintenance department then let me tell you that it should!

Date: 14 March 2023 to 16 March 2023
Time: 08:30 - 16:00
Venue: Live Online Training Course, Online

Contact: Kholo
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