JBCC Suite of Contracts

Although the JBCC Suite of Contracts is widely used throughout the South African construction industry and its use has increased substantially over the last few years, there still remains a lot of uncertainty regarding all the ins and outs with regards to the mechanics and day-to-day use of the JBCC Suite of Contracts.

This uncertainty has also increased as a result of the release of Edition 6 and the recently released 6.2 Edition which in addition to incorporating some fundamental changes takes on an entirely new format, seeing the JBCC Principal Building Agreement reduced from 40 clauses (Edition 5) to only 32 clauses in Edition 6.

Date: 27 March 2023 to 28 March 2023
Time: 08:30 - 16:00
Venue: The Wanderers Golf Club, Johannesburg

Contact: Kholo
Company name: Alusani Skills and Training Network®
Telephone number: +27 11 447 7470
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