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Cornerstone Institute presents critical dialogues on inclusive quality education for all

Cornerstone Institute (CI) is pleased to announce a critical dialogue on "Inclusive Quality Education for All: Strengthening the Role of the Private Higher Education Sector for Youth Development." This event addresses the pressing challenges and opportunities within the Private Higher Education (PHE) sector.
Cornerstone Institute presents critical dialogues on inclusive quality education for all

Education is crucial to development and for improving the lives of young people globally. The higher education sector in South Africa is diverse, comprising various types of institutions. Despite numerous Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs), the industry faces significant challenges that hinder its full potential.

The PHE sector complements the public education system by expanding its capacity and offering diverse programmes that cater to market demands. However, issues such as aligning courses with market needs, compliance with regulations and standards, quality assurance, funding for underprivileged students, and the prevalence of unregistered institutions need to be addressed.

Recognising these challenges, CI in collaboration with key stakeholders, have initiated this critical dialogue to rejuvenate the PHE sector.

The current crisis in private higher education has far-reaching implications for South Africa's youth and economic development. Education is crucial in skill development, enabling young people to access decent jobs and fostering economic growth and social development. Revitalising the PHE sector ensures that private higher education remains an attractive and viable alternative to public institutions.

This critical dialogue brings together experts and leaders from the PHE sector to discuss issues, share insights, and develop innovative solutions to improve the sector:

  • Deliberate on governance and compliance challenges in the South African PHE sector.
  • Explore innovative models for academic governance and quality assurance.
  • Discuss solutions to revitalise the PHE sector.

Panel participants:

  • Moderator: Thulani Dube - Head of Innovation & Advancement, Cornerstone Institute
  • Dr. Marianne Louw - Executive dean, Cornerstone Institute
  • Dr. Cobus Oosthuizen - Dean of Postgraduate Studies, Boston City Campus
  • Dr. Shirly Lloyd - Former director of the NQF Directorate in the DHET and board member of the Association of Private Providers of Education and Training (APPETD)
  • Omolemo Tlhapane - President of the Student Representative Council, Cornerstone Institute

Date: 26 June 2024

Time: 6pm for 6.30pm

Venue: Workshop 17, Watershed, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

This dialogue is a crucial opportunity for academic leaders, policymakers, education funding organisations, and anyone invested in the future of South African education to collaborate and develop best practices for the PHE sector.

By implementing innovative governance approaches and ensuring the relevance of academic programmes to the labour market, we can enhance trust and confidence in private higher education.

To join the conversation, secure your ticket on Quicket using the provided link:

For further details, reach out to

About Cornerstone Institute: An independent, not-for-profit institution, Cornerstone champions teaching and learning, advancing human dignity and social justice.

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