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LISTEN: Womandla Foundation empowering women, girls to live out their destiny
This Youth Month, Sam Gqomo, founding director of the Womandla Foundation, shares with us how the organisation is striving towards its mission of informing, empowering and equipping women and girls with the tools and skills necessary to live out their destiny. Womandla is a non-profit company that seeks to bridge the gender gap in Africa, empowering women to attain their own economic development, while also uplifting their communities and society at large. To meet its objectives, Womandla collaborates with other organisations to promote social innovation, public education, community enrichment and transformation....
7 Jun 2021 15:21
Tractor Outdoor's #20in21 SME initiative: Meet the SME heroes
Outdoor media owner Tractor Outdoor's #20in21 SME initiative was born out of a desire to support South Africa's small and medium businesses (SMEs) that were dealt a blow by the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, Tractor Outdoor celebrates its 20th birthday and, thus, aims to give 20 qualifying SMEs a marketing boost via its nationwide outdoor media network, with a total media value of R8m, helping these businesses increase top of mind awareness....
2 Jun 2021 07:43
#YouthMatters: How IIE Rosebank College alumni Zanele Zulu became a successful entrepreneur
IIE Rosebank College alumni Zanele Zulu discusses her journey with the college, how she started her business and what keeps her motivated on her entrepreneurial journey.
1 Jun 2021 07:30
LISTEN: Wits Plus’ Professor Beatrys Lacquet on upskilling in the digital age and customisable study
In the first episode in this series with Wits Plus, Professor Beatrys Lacquet, the director and head of Wits Plus, shares the introduction of Wits Plus 2.0, the impact of the digital age on upskilling, and how part-time study can be achieved while working. Look out for the next episode in this series where we will focus on completing a Wits degree successfully through part-time study.
28 May 2021 07:30
The City of Cape Town and HelloFCB+ ask residents: How are you?; raising awareness for mental health
The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic forced all South Africans to come face to face with mental health, by either experiencing it themselves for the first time or seeing a loved one go through it.
26 May 2021 14:17
TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris presents Shwii by Nissan, the first turn-by-turn set of navigation commands on the Waze app
Nissan is the sixth-largest automotive company in the world. As a multinational brand, the ability to sell and appeal to the local market is always a challenge. And in our South African market, 11 official languages adds yet another obstacle to the brand finding a local voice.
26 May 2021 08:58
The dos and donts of creating exceptional cover letters and CVs
Lillian Bususu, the graduate placement manager at IIE Rosebank College, takes us through the ins, outs and benefits of an excellent cover letter and CV, as well as key elements that should not be included, the importance of attention to detail and keeping applications relevant and to the point.
3 May 2021 06:51
Future-proofing your business communications with Telviva One
Partner with the market leader in cloud communications for a future-proofed communications environment that seamlessly integrates voice, video and chat for a comprehensive customer experience. Contact Telviva for more information.
28 Apr 2021 11:59
Practical tips on how to prepare for your job search
Lillian Bususu, the graduate placement manager at IIE Rosebank College, offers useful tips on everything job seekers need to know and do when starting their job search, which includes paying attention to detail, doing everything with excellence and persevering through the process.
14 Apr 2021 07:13
Success by Design 'B2B in Africa for Africa' webinar ft. Bizcommunity
Bizcommunity’s new business development manager and recruitment specialist, Clarina De Freitas, talks trends and shares tips on how B2Bs in Africa can make the most of free digital resources to grow their enterprises via publishing platforms on Bizcommunity, at the Success by Design free 'B2B in Africa for Africa' webinar, that took place on 24 March 2021.
30 Mar 2021 13:56
Expert advice on how to prepare for and excel in the world of work
Lillian Bususu, the graduate placement manager at IIE Rosebank College, shares details of the college’s Graduate Empowerment Programme, how the college prepares students for the world of work and the impact that Covid-19 has had on education and employment. Bususu also explains how issues such as gender equality and SA’s jobs shortage are addressed at a tertiary level.
18 Mar 2021 08:44
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