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Do non-members of the Advertising Regulatory Board have to comply with its code?
Do non-members of the Advertising Regulatory Board have to comply with its code?Article

The short answer is "no...and yes". Here's the long answer...

Tammi Pretorius 15 Sep 2020

Privacy concerns around the use of empathic media
Privacy concerns around the use of empathic mediaArticle

New technologies are providing marketers with the ability to receive sensory feedback, which could be used to interpret emotional responses to marketing stimuli. Such systems broadly fall into private and public systems, both of which influence their legal interpretation...

Ashlin Perumall 24 Jul 2020

Screengrab from the ad.
#OrchidsandOnions: Mahlangu does the impossibleArticle

Poignant: Kudos for athlete, Toyota's tough message but whole bunch of estate agents a law unto themselves with their illegal boards...

Brendan Seery 19 Nov 2019

Sechaba Motsieloa. Image supplied.
Masa announces leadership changesArticle

Masa announced several leadership changes and detailed important contributions to the marketing profession and industry at its recent thirteenth Annual General Meeting...

29 Oct 2019

Responsible Drinking Media Awards announces 2018 finalists
Responsible Drinking Media Awards announces 2018 finalistsArticle

The Diageo SA Responsible Drinking Media Awards (RDMAs) has announced the finalists for 2018...

28 Aug 2018

Transit Ads outlines new taxi branding regulations
Transit Ads outlines new taxi branding regulationsArticle

Shamy Naidu, executive of out-of-home transit environment specialist Transit Ads, outlines the new taxi advertising regulations as recently gazetted by the South African Department of Transport...

Issued by Provantage Media Group 24 Oct 2017

Banning alcohol advertising misses the point - and the objectives
Banning alcohol advertising misses the point - and the objectivesArticle

There is no doubt that South Africa has an alcohol-abuse problem. Alcohol-related problems such as foetal alcohol syndrome, physical and emotional abuse, drunk driving, severe medical conditions and a raft of social side effects are significant health and social concerns.

Justin McCarthy 18 May 2012

Weigh-Less is approved by the DOH as an "endorsement entity"Article

Weigh-Less, one of Southern Africa's leaders in health and weight management, announced last week that after 36 years of prudence, conservatism and leadership in the area of self management training in sustainable sensible dietary lifestyles, the company has been approved by the Department of Health (DOH) as an 'endorsement entity'.

17 Aug 2011

Chris Moerdyk
Advertising regulations and childrenArticle

The marketing industry in South Africa is probably losing its battle for the right to advertise to children and teenagers. Because, the world over, right now, all sorts of pressure groups are winning regional battles to have advertising aimed at kids banned outright.

Chris Moerdyk: @chrismoerdyk 15 Jul 2011

Kids marketing workshop from Nickelodeon
Kids marketing workshop from NickelodeonArticle

‘The School of Nick: Responsible Marketing to Kids' - a free workshop for advertisers, marketers, and media agencies - will be held in Johannesburg at St Stithians College, Sandton, on Thursday, 15 April 2010, 9am-12 noon by Nickelodeon Africa (DStv Channel 305). Its aim is to demystify kids' advertising regulations and to help industry leaders navigate and capture value in the increasingly complex world of kids' advertising.

26 Mar 2010

Ad Act won't kill off cereal characters
Ad Act won't kill off cereal charactersArticle

Rice Krispies-maker, Kellogg's, is not worried about the proposed advertising regulations. Snap, Crackle and Pop are here to stay.

8 May 2009

WASPA says no to cell ads for kids
WASPA says no to cell ads for kidsArticle

The Wireless Application Service Providers' Association of South Africa (WASPA) has set out clear television advertising regulations for its members in a bid to protect minors from exposure to inappropriate ads for cellular subscription services.

16 Mar 2009

Chris Moerdyk
Time to change the marketing rulesArticle

The way in which marketing is being perceived in South Africa right now is not too far off that of a second-rate soap opera. The latest spat between MTN and Vodacom that torpedoed the publication of the Markinor Sunday Times Top Brands Survey last weekend is just another setback of attempts by marketers to persuade other sectors of business to take them seriously.

Chris Moerdyk 29 Aug 2006

New travel advertising regulations to make fares clearerArticle

The new travel industry advertising guidelines, published by The Association of South African Travel Agents (ASATA) in conjunction with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of South Africa, are an effort to reduce misleading non-inclusive consumer advertising. The guidelines came into effect on Tuesday, 1 August 2006.

1 Aug 2006

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