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The '4 Cs of business writing'? Hogwash.Article

Local training companies selling business writing workshops all seem to have borrowed their sales pitch from the same place - 1995...

Tiffany Markman 13 Aug 2019

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How book publishing is changing in the age of digitalArticle

But is publishing dying? Is the bookshop morphing into the bookshelf?...

Tiffany Markman 24 Jul 2019

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Explaining the explainer video: how to write a good video scriptArticle

Explainer videos. Also known as whiteboard animations, illustrated stories, and fast-draw videos. They're either the best thing ever for your product, service or brand, helping you to unpack what you do quickly and compellingly. Or they're an expensive piece of website filler that few visitors watch, and almost no one views all the way to the end...

Tiffany Markman 2 May 2019

#BizTrends2019: The 2018 buzzwords I'm hoping won't make it to 2019
#BizTrends2019: The 2018 buzzwords I'm hoping won't make it to 2019Article

Here, six popular buzzwords from the worlds of marketing, communication and media that Tiffany Markman is hoping we won't see in 2019...

Tiffany Markman 18 Dec 2018

For true SEO, remember the human element
For true SEO, remember the human elementArticle

Six tips for achieving better search traffic to your website...

Tiffany Markman 6 Sep 2018

#BestofBiz 2017: Marketing & Media
#BestofBiz 2017: Marketing & MediaArticle

We've compiled our annual #BestofBiz 2017 lists across all our industries featuring our most popular articles, most-read contributors and brand press offices with the most views...

14 Dec 2017

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Out of sight, out of mindArticle

Are there ways to break through content overload? Are there techniques for chunking what you've seen and heard in training, into manageable, usable pieces? Here are eight tips for getting more out of training or conference sessions...

Tiffany Markman 7 Sep 2017

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Why I propose barriers to Facebook entryArticle

I propose for Facebook some actual plug-ins - integrated functionalities - that I think users would appreciate. A comprehension captcha. A narcissism altimeter. An anti-assholery gauge. These, and others, should be a barrier to entry: if a user cannot pass the test, he or she cannot use the platform...

Tiffany Markman 11 Aug 2017

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Virtual meetings are still meetingsArticle

How not to be an ass-hat when it comes to telecons and video conferencing...

Tiffany Markman 12 Jun 2017

SAFREA presents career-building tips for freelance creatives at Madex event in Johannesburg
SAFREA presents career-building tips for freelance creatives at Madex event in JohannesburgArticle

Freelance creatives looking to get an edge in the job market are the focus of an upcoming session from The Southern African Freelancers' Association (SAFREA) at Madex in Johannesburg...

Issued by SAFREA 15 May 2017

You're probably using the word ‘revert' incorrectly
You're probably using the word ‘revert' incorrectlyArticle

There is no such noun as ‘a revert'. There is also no such verb phrase, in the context of replying to someone, as ‘revert back'. You're bastardising an innocent verb. Find out why...

Tiffany Markman 5 Apr 2017

How much of copywriting is writing?
How much of copywriting is writing?Article

Contrary to what you might believe, not even half of the copywriting job is the actual writing. So if you've ever interviewed a copywriter, employed a copywriter, worked with a copywriter, or wanted to be a copywriter, read on…

Tiffany Markman 14 Mar 2017

#BestofBiz: Marketing & Media
#BestofBiz 2016: Marketing & MediaArticle

We've compiled our annual #BestofBiz 2016 lists across all our industries featuring our most popular articles, most-read contributors and brand press offices with the most views...

8 Dec 2016

Why does he talk like that? Seven language 'lessons' from The Donald
Why does he talk like that? Seven language 'lessons' from The DonaldArticle

For me as a copywriter, one of the most interesting things about The Donald isn't his fluffy hair, his tiny fingers or his orange visage - it's the way he speaks...

Tiffany Markman 8 Nov 2016

A pinch, a punch or business as usual?
A pinch, a punch or business as usual?Article

Are freelance creatives feeling or starting to feel the pinch of recession? If you are, is there anything you can do about it? I investigated...

Tiffany Markman 20 Jul 2016

Tiffany Markman
Why I don't compete on priceArticle

I'm not a hard-ass. Okay, I am a hard-ass. But I'm not a bitch. So I don't turn down quoting opportunities to be brassy, nasty or spiteful. I turn them down when the proffered rate is so laughable as to waste my time entirely...

Tiffany Markman 8 Mar 2016

Hershel Jawitz on #PennySparrow debacle
Hershel Jawitz on #PennySparrow debacleArticle

[Newswatch] It hasn't been a good start to the year for Jawitz Properties, as their brand reputation was tarnished due to alleged former employee, Penny Sparrow's offensive statement on the KZN beaches on New Year's Day...

4 Jan 2016

Penny Sparrow: the bird that pooped on Jawitz Properties
Penny Sparrow: the bird that pooped on Jawitz PropertiesArticle

In light of Penny's disgusting #monkeys diatribe, I'm thinking about poor Herschel Jawitz and a brand that has come into disrepute over the last few hours, through no fault of its own...

Tiffany Markman 4 Jan 2016

One easy tip for producing non-crap digital copy
One easy tip for producing non-crap digital copyArticle

A lot of the digital copy out there is badly written. Okay - a lot of it is crap. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that well-planned, well-structured, reader-friendly and carefully proofed text pretty much guarantees higher conversion...

Tiffany Markman 19 Jun 2015

Rolf Akermann
The ultimate sleeping pill! Vision and mission statements...Article

If you get past reading three companies' vision and mission statements and you are still awake, give up! And accept that you are an insomniac! It is sad, but true...

Rolf Akermann 3 Jun 2015

Tiffany Markman
"In other words..." - Writing to clients without pissing them offArticle

With business writing, you can't really say what you mean - unless you want a world of drama. Here are some ways to engage with clients and customers without offending them, using 'safe' versions of the rude phrases that tempt you...

Tiffany Markman 6 Mar 2015

A letter to the Spinning Rainbow Ball of Mac Doom
A letter to the Spinning Rainbow Ball of Mac DoomArticle

I get it. I do. You're there to teach me life lessons. To circumvent my natural complacency. To provoke pre-emptiveness. So, this letter is to thank you...

Tiffany Markman 2 Mar 2015

Most popular lists for 2014 on Bizcommunity
Most popular lists for 2014 on BizcommunityArticle

Here they are,'s 2014 lists of our most popular articles - those that drew the most comment, our most-visited galleries, our most-read contributors and the most popular companies...

18 Dec 2014

The much-criticised Sorbet billboard featuring Steve and Nancy.
Communication lessons from The Steve & Nancy Saga: A Sorbet StoryArticle

Let me first admit two things: 1.) I'm a groomer. Big time. I polish. I wax. I whiten and straighten and tweak; 2.) I do a fair chunk of this at Sorbet salons, making me what they call a 'guest'...

Tiffany Markman 26 Nov 2014

Why missions and visions suck - and how to fix them
Why missions and visions suck - and how to fix themArticle

This article began as, 'Why missions and visions typically suck: a letter to clients'. But then I did a bit of research and found a Bain and Company survey...

Tiffany Markman 5 Nov 2014

PowerPoint needs more power
PowerPoint needs more powerArticle

Yup, that's right. You heard us*. PowerPoint - mostly - stinks. And it's time to take back your PowerPoint power, because Microsoft is trying to take it away from you.

Tiffany Markman 20 Jun 2014

Obama taking out some time for some tweets. (Image: Pete Souza (, via Wikimedia Commons)
Ten Twitter tips for non-newbie tweetersArticle

So you're a medium-term tweep, huh? You don't need another one of those silly etiquette lessons. Or a guide to the strictures of RTing...

Tiffany Markman 14 Apr 2014

Tiffany Markman
We need to stop being suckersArticle

I'm sick of people trying to scam other people. I don't mean those poorly punctuated 'Dear Beloved' emails. Nor those irritating Amway-ers who were school friends...

Tiffany Markman 3 Feb 2014

Blogging and Writing for SEO: A once-off workshop by Tiffany Markman
Blogging and Writing for SEO: A once-off workshop by Tiffany MarkmanArticle

How many times have you been told that marketing yourself requires that you blog? Or, been asked by clients to assist them by blogging for them? Or, wondered what's really meant by SEO? Attend Tiffany Markman's once-off one-day Cape Town workshop

15 Jan 2014

[2014 trends] Communicating like a boss: Anti-trends for 2014
[2014 trends] Communicating like a boss: Anti-trends for 2014Article

Trends pieces. From November onwards, they're everywhere. Everyone with strong opinions, an active pulse and the ability to use a keyboard is looking at the year that was and using that, with tweaks, to predict what's coming.

Tiffany Markman 14 Jan 2014

Top tips for time management in 2014
Top tips for time management in 2014Article

Time management is something that I often associate with that little red monkey-monster from the Chicken Licken ad. It creeps up on you from behind, and before you know it sits on your shoulder and demands your attention...

Ilse van den Berg 17 Dec 2013

Tiffany Markman
Multitasking - the mythArticle

Tackling multiple tasks at once means faster results. Also, it's a great way to impress a boss. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'll bet 'good multitasker' appears on every CV you've ever sent. But the newest thinking is, however, that multitasking is actually a weakness, not a strength. (video)

Tiffany Markman 30 Sep 2013

Leigh Crymble
Damn you and the apostrophe you rode in onArticle

A few weeks back I had a slight altercation with a colleague. We work in publishing together and write content for our clients on a daily basis. The gripe was over (and when is it not?) a missing apostrophe that I was adamant needed to be there.

Leigh Crymble 26 Jul 2013

Tiffany Markman
Whaaat?!? You copied my copy?Article

Reflections on textual pickpocketing... by a victim of copy thieves.

Tiffany Markman 24 Jul 2013

Tiffany Markman
Plain language may not be what you think it isArticle

I've been ranting and raving for the last two hours. My face is red and I have a large vein pulsating on my forehead. Simply: I am irate beyond reason. This is why...

Tiffany Markman 28 Jun 2013

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Why grammar rules, OK!Article

Spelling and Grammar are best friends - they go everywhere together. Admittedly, they probably found each other on the periphery of the playground, kicked out of the "cool" and "fun" gang presided over by that kid who likes to call himself Creativity.

Lee Helme 29 May 2013

[2013 trends] The old 'new' rules for language
[2013 trends] The old 'new' rules for languageArticle

Here's my list of old 'new' language rules for 2013: things that have evolved over the last few years, things pro writers are using in certain contexts and things you will see more and more in today's writing, now that you know what to look for. [Please note: the listed items are to be used only in light of the mini-disclaimer at the bottom.]

Tiffany Markman 15 Jan 2013

Most Popular lists for 2012 for Bizcommunity Marketing & Media SA
Most Popular lists for 2012 for Bizcommunity Marketing & Media SAArticle

Here they are, Marketing & Media South Africa's 2012 lists of most popular articles, those that drew the most comment, our most-read contributors, our most-visited galleries - and the ads from the Ornico Ad Showcase that got you voting.

Issued by 4 Jan 2013

Dear Apostrophe (A Love Letter)
Dear Apostrophe (A Love Letter)Article

You and I have come a long way together. We began our collaboration some 25 years ago, when you'd regularly forgive my crayoned abuse of your good nature. Then, we became allies: just you and me, against the world, using permanent marker to 'correct' the punctuation on signs proclaiming Ladies Room.

Tiffany Markman 19 Oct 2012

Tiffany Markman
The top five 'Adjectives to Avoid' in your corporate profile (Part I)Article

In a recent column on how (and why) a company has to have a corporate profile, I emphasised the value of providing a compelling reason for the reader to choose you - specifically, outlining what it is about your business that elevates it above your competitors. To do this, you need to use good adjectives. Un-boring ones.

Tiffany Markman 19 Sep 2012

What is the essence of Bizcommunity? #happybiz11
What is the essence of Bizcommunity? #happybiz11Article

This month, Bizcommunity turns 11 and, to celebrate in Johannesburg, we're doing something a little different. We're asking you - our community of readers, contributors and clients - to share what Bizcommunity means to you, and including your words in an unusual birthday gift, a unique painting designed to capture the essence of what Bizcommunity is all about.

Issued by 1 Aug 2012

Tiffany Markman
Writing for PowerPoint, or 'How not to bore your audience to death'Article

There are 300 million PowerPoint users worldwide. There are 30 million PowerPoint presentations happening daily. About a million right now, as you read this. And at least 50% of those (but probably more) are unbearable. In short, 500 000 audiences wish the boardroom ceiling would fall on them. Or on the speaker.

Tiffany Markman 19 Jul 2012

A Q&A about freelancers and social media
A Q&A about freelancers and social mediaArticle

You'd think the relationship between freelancers and social media would be all hearts, flowers and expensive choccies. But it isn't. It's often love-hate, sometimes like-fear and sometimes hate-hate. So, which social media channels work best, why, how and to what extent? Don't worry; we'll tell you. What follows is a Q&A ménage-à-trois: Tiffany Markman, Jo Duxbury and you. Enjoy. And please pass the choccies.

Tiffany Markman & Jo Duxbury 2 Jul 2012

Tiffany Markman
Neuroeconomics for dummies & those with little timeArticle

I was invited to a talk on neuroeconomics. Yes, really. And it blew my mind. Here's why: presented by Prof Don Ross* of UCT, the talk unpacked the brain's reward system, what motivates people to act, and - most importantly for me as a copywriter and communicator - how to entrench a short brand message in the reader's mind.

Tiffany Markman 12 Jun 2012

Tiffany Markman
How not to self-destruct on Twitter: the People vs Jessica, Tshidi & ItumelengArticle

I wrote a piece recently on the five things you should look out for on Twitter. And then, oh then, what happens but several fascinating case studies emerge before me. Not one. Not two. Three.

Tiffany Markman 9 May 2012

Five things to watch out for on Twitter
Five things to watch out for on TwitterArticle

Let's say you're new to Twitter. Okay - no-one who reads Bizcommunity is new to Twitter. Let's say you've been on Twitter a while and you mostly love it, but you have minor reservations about a) its time-wasting potential, b) its actual value to your brand, or c) when and whether to distance yourself from your fellow tweeps.

Tiffany Markman 23 Apr 2012

#bankwars: 'Steve' vs Standard Bank, the sequel
#bankwars: 'Steve' vs Standard Bank, the sequelArticle

Oy vey. What a can of worms. In part I, I raised the question of whether FNB's lofty promises, delivered via the chirpy 'Steve', were empty. I did so, as you know, publicly. And I learned two very important things. Here they are:

Tiffany Markman 12 Mar 2012

#bankwars: if this is a case study, what does it illustrate?
#bankwars: if this is a case study, what does it illustrate?Article

I have a slide in my deck which I often pull out when I want to talk about how advertising has lost much of its power. It's a research-based index of the trustworthiness of various professions. There is no surprise that, at the bottom of list, taking pride of place as the least trustworthy of all professions are politicians. Second from the bottom are advertising specialists...

Walter Pike 28 Feb 2012

But is it lies? 'Steve' vs Standard Bank
But is it lies? 'Steve' vs Standard BankArticle

I seldom pick sides in fights such as #bankwars. Barring an ambivalent flip through the twitterverse to find out who hates who and get a glimmer of insight into why, I wait for the cacophonous twysteria to die down; for my stream to return to 'normal'. But this time, I have a definite bias.

Tiffany Markman 27 Feb 2012

[2012 trends] 12 words we'll see more in 2012
[2012 trends] 12 words we'll see more in 2012Article

Wait. That's a bit of a fib. Sorry. Every year, my Biz Trends contribution is a wish list of stuff I'd like to see happen in marketing, communication or writing. I'm often right. But this year I want to be right.

Tiffany Markman 11 Jan 2012

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