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Margaret Matzener
'Sima and Shakes'-ing up Cremora's ads - not inside, still on top?
As the public becomes more aware and educated concerning additives and carcinogenics which food manufacturers use to concoct food products, I think it would be a great opportunity for the makers of Cremora to use their advertising to enlighten the consumer as to the actual contents of their product. They don't have to give away their recipe - but how about telling us what Cremora actually is? Is it dried milk powder? Is it polyfiller? Is it some other chemicals concocted to replace milk powder and what are the benefits or dangers in consuming Cremora?
Posted on 21 Nov 2014 17:13
Margaret Matzener
Playboy 'has played' Icasa
It is mind boggling that in a country being torn apart by sexual violence, our government can approve Pornography on out TV stations!Adult videos shops are all over the place - and that is where the sexual deviants can get their supplies of porn videos.StarSat has cancelled two news channels in order to accommodate these Porn Channels.I am vehemently opposed to porn on TV cjannels.......!!!!
Posted on 14 Aug 2014 07:42
Margaret Matzener
Coca-Cola creates rainbows to celebrate
When the Coca Cola company stops blowing its own trumpet it should take a closer look at what it is doing to the visual aesthetics of our country..... Our platteland towns are being ruined by up to 8 large Coca Cola signage on one small building - entire buildings are being painted in bright red - ugly billboards erupt like angry pimples in verdant fields along our roadways.They are also jeopardizing the nation's health by producing diet drinks containing aspartame without informing the public of the serious concerns about the effects of this chemical additive.This large powerful company should take a serious look at the real results and effects it is having on our lives and re-think their advertising and product content.
Posted on 22 Apr 2014 19:41
Margaret Matzener
SABC shows ANC colours in run-up to elections
The News on SABC TV is a joke ..... Since the election campaign started all we get is speeches by the ANC delegates, especially Mr Zuma. What about all the other parties? This flies in the face of objective reporting!
Posted on 22 Apr 2014 19:26
Margaret Matzener
Pistorius trial represents a turning point for the dailies
Poor Stephen Friedman - calling the trial 'tawdry'.....!This is open justice and we can witness what happens in a court room (for those of us who have never been in one) Unfortunately DSTV has once again blocked the majority of viewers in South Africa from having that privilege..!
Posted on 14 Mar 2014 17:26
Margaret Matzener
Paragraphs - the building blocks of writing
Why are legal documents written with no commas and in such obscure language? Is it done to confuse? Or do the lawyers just want to earn money arguing the ambiguities in court?
Posted on 13 Mar 2014 16:42
Margaret Matzener
Brand Hate: Why aren't we measuring it?
What I hate is the way Coca Cola is defacing our environment and country towns by plastering up to 8 huge adverts all over the outside of a single shop - worse still is they have started painting entire buildings in this horrific red - don't they have any conception of aesthetics......???
Posted on 10 Dec 2013 17:29
Margaret Matzener
TopTV to relaunch as StarSat
If TopTV had Installers and support services throughout the country they could have easily given MultiChoice a run for their money..... There are no Installers between Port Elizabeth and George - I have been trying for 2 weeks to get someone to install my TopTV - to no avail.This is where StarSat is going to fall short as well......!
Posted on 6 Nov 2013 21:37
Margaret Matzener
Super Goal (Super Maize Meal) expands with Boomtown
Highly refined maize meal has no nutritional value and is adding to the obesity/diabetes/heart disease epidemic in this country. The more researchers tell us NOT to eat highly refined food - the less notice is being taken by producers.......Highly refined maize meal has no taste and has the consistency and effect of eating polyfiller. WHEN will they wake up......!!!!!!
Posted on 21 Oct 2013 16:12
Margaret Matzener
I hate the press...
I cannot understand why schools insist on forcing children to do strenuous 'sport' in the heat of the day in high summer in South Africa. Since I was a child this mindset has been ingrained into the brains of our educators - and regardless how many children die - THEIR word is law! Seventy years later it is still going on.
Posted on 6 Feb 2013 16:51
Margaret Matzener
TopTV on life support: Can it be saved?
The only reason TopTV is not competitive is that they don't have a sports channel that shows all the major games.Their news channels are excellent and I particularly like the NHK Japanese channel.
Posted on 11 Jan 2013 18:52
Margaret Matzener
Coca-Cola named Cannes Lions 2013 Creative Marketer of the Year
The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creavitity award (what a mouthfull!), awarded to Coca Cola has made me wonder what planet I am living on - or at least in what country?The assertion that they have "distiguished themselves by inspiring innovative marketing" leaves me dumbfounded to say the least. Obviously the awardees have not travelled through South Africa - to witness the aesthetic destruction of all our little platteland towns that Coca Cola has plastered with their "brand" advertising.... buildings with up to 8 large red advertisements - whole buildings painted bright red i.e. Malmesbury, Klapmuts, Porterville, Piketberg........!!!Now Coca Cola is touting it's company as being concerned for the "environment" while they turn our country towns into slum-like replicas of Elsies River.Simultaneously pushing a toxic substance such as aspertame into their diet drinks with the horrendous health effects that have been proven by top USA medical studies - but ignored to the detriment of our population.!Coca Cola must be very proud - as their accolades roll in this company is fast being associated with the degredation of our rural environment...... in my mind, anyway.
Posted on 29 Nov 2012 17:26
Margaret Matzener
Coke goes flat!
I want to change the name of our town to Cokeville - because Coca Colai s painting the whole of our town RED. The buildings are red, their signs are up everywhere. One business will have up to 8 Coke signs all over it. In front, on the sides, on the stoeps - our platteland towns are all starting to look like a dump - like Elsiesriver. Coca Cola seems hell bent on associating ther company brand with dirt and filth because of all the litter and dirt in front of these crummy shops. Can the so-called Coca Cola company or Peninsula Beverages or whatever they are called please come out to my town to see what their god-awful signs look like? They have no artistic merit and no aesthetic value. Their signs are even to be found in the undulating green fields of the Sandvelt - totally removed from any settlement.Coca Cola - you are messing up my country.......!!!!
Posted on 10 Jul 2012 16:01
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