Eve Berriman

Group Marketing Manager
Location:Fourways, South Africa


My passion lies in providing excellent, results-driven marketing.
I have a strong bakground in brand strategy and have been fortunate to pursue my passion for design and copywrting in the marketing sphere through my industry experience.
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Current employment

Marketing Specialist-Consultant
Present - Johannesburg
ZebraCrossing.World is my own company I started when I had to move from 5th Dimension and start freelancing due to financial and stability reasons. My core focus is on establishing solid social media strategies for my clients where I come up with strategies, write the content schedules and design the social media posts/adverts in Photoshop. I also schedule and post the content and launch paid social media ads depending on the client's objectives. I also help my clients out with any other design work they may require- for example brochures, business cards and even designs to wrap buildings.

Group Marketing Manager
Stewarts & Lloyds
Present - Johannesburg
Stewarts & Lloyds has been my client for 3 years prior to me taking a position with them full time. In my current role, I am the sole marketing person for the whole group, which consists of 32 branches nationwide. I completed the company's corporate identity from scratch, manage and plan out the expenditure on all marketing and event related activities, plan all the events for the company and design, post and manage all the social media platforms for the group. My role also includes designing and writing adverts as well as booking and placing them in various publications and online platforms. In addition, I am in charge of designing and arranging signage throughout all the shops and maintaining the corporate identity when it comes to the colours used, the staff uniforms and every aspect of the look and feel of the shops. I report directly to the Excom and the directors of the company.


Group Marketing Manager
Stewarts & Lloyds - www.stewartsandlloyds.co.za
1 Jan 2016 - 1 Mar 2017 - Johannesburg
This role involved account management; building and strengthening client relationships with the agency . My other responsibilities include: - Copywriting: Writing copy for client newsletters, social media schedules and reports - Social media posting and boosting for clients - Creating, executing and measurement of AdWords campaigns - Compiling and sending social media as well as website analytics reports - Compiling and executing creative as well as production briefs - Assisting with writing website SEO - Scheduling regular client status meetings - Writing and scheduling regular social media marketing for the agency - Developing and presenting creative concepts for campaign briefs - Involved in the administration and sending of codes of the Shadowmatch habit and personality profiling system for new and potential applicants and employees.
Marketing Coordinator
AnsaCall Telecomms
1 Mar 2015 - 1 Dec 2015 - Roodepoort
My role in the company is to secure new business through the development of appropriate marketing strategies using mainly online and social media marketing to reduce costs. This involves regular website updates with interesting and interactive content, weekly blog posts and email campaigns. I am also in charge of following-up on leads provided by the telemarketer and my responsibility lies in going to see the clients at their premises and presenting them with AnsaCall’s selection of services in order to secure new business. Apart from securing new business my responsibility is also to establish and maintain client relationships with the business which involves regular telephonic and email follow-ups with the clients. Another aspect of my position within the company includes compiling training material for telephone etiquette training and providing the training to AnsaCall’s clients on a monthly basis. • Create and modify the service offering of the company according to client needs and specifications while always remaining competitive in the market. • Create weekly updates for the website as well as the Facebook and LinkedIn pages to encourage customer engagement and loyalty to AnsaCall. • Create and execute monthly email campaigns to for all AnsaCall’s clients as well as prospects. • Follow-up on leads provided by the telemarketer and go to see the clients at their place of business in order to secure new business opportunities. • Maintain and facilitate client relationships with AnsaCall and resolve all impending client requests. • Compile training materials for telephone etiquette training and present the said course to delegates sent by the clients (group sizes between 5-12). The training happens on a monthly basis. • Create new and interesting, witty memes using Corel Draw for the Facebook page to drive popularity and engagement on this platform.
Accounts Assistant
In-Quest Investigations
1 Mar 2014 - 1 Nov 2014 - Johannesburg
• Bookkeeping on Quickbooks • Loading debit orders for clients on ABSA Integrator • Composing and submitting the workman’s skill plan (WSP), • Member of the EEA committee. • Compiling and submitting the EEA2 and EEA4 reports • Reconciling payment against accounts • Invoicing • Liaison with call centre supervisors for the updates they require on clients’ accounts.
General Manager
Lilly's Place
1 Oct 2011 - 1 Jan 2014 - Johannesburg
• Source and purchase stock, • Liaison with suppliers and customers, • Full HR function • Full Marketing function- I planned, organised and executed Lilly’s Place involvement at The Baby Expo- 2012, created regular fliers, managed the social media as well as the website. • All payments
General Manager
1 May 2011 - 1 Sep 2014 - Johannesburg
• Source and purchase stock, • Liaison with suppliers and customers, • Full HR function • Full marketing function- I planned, organised an executed the Reptile Expo in 2013, created adverts for the local newspapers, wrote articles for The Get It magazine and managed, updated the website as well as the social media sites with regular content. • Manage the social media and website, • All payments.


Social Media and Advertising, Copy Writing & Proof Reading, Social Media Management, Social Media and Advertising, website & mobisite writing, Account Management


BCom Marketing
Year completed:2011
Education level:Degree
Final year subjects:Marketing
Business management
Institution:University Of Johannesburg
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Bcom Honours in Marketing
Year completed:2016
Education level:Honours
Final year subjects:Marketing Research
Contemporary Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Institution:University Of Johannesburg
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
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