Collaboration to promote awareness for cyber safety

SaveTNet Cyber Safety NPC, You&Me Design and Aglet has teamed up to create awareness for responsible digital engagement. This collaboration is to offer SaveTNet a newly designed website and social media management services as key drivers to ensure sustainability and effective use of the web to encourage safer cyber lifestyles.
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Cyberprzemoc via Wikimedia commons
"Success is achieved through strategic partnerships between like-minded companies and You&Me Design and Aglet's contribution will enable us to engage with more people, while we offer information on cyber threats matched with the solutions and help they might need," says Rianette Leibowitz from SaveTNet.

Everyone wins when companies offer their skills and expertise to add value, whether it is from a corporate social investment or long-term partnership point of view. Social media and the web offer such a myriad of opportunities to uplift online communities and to build strong networks, however, and unfortunately, the opposite is also true. While SaveTNet chooses to use online platforms as a key awareness driver, it is key to have a strategic approach to engage with the relevant online communities.

"When we were approached to join the cause and help create awareness around cyberbullying and harassment, the team decided to get on board and help out. Our work primarily exists online and we know that it is important to ensure that the online space is always safe and secure for everyone. Through creating a new website and becoming a SaveTNet partner, we hope that our efforts achieve this and provide information to those who need help", comments Nicholas Xavier, co-founder of Aglet.

The updated website will contain important information for the youth, parents, educators and adult users who travel on the cyber highway. This will include tips and tricks on how to stay safe, advice on what to do if you experience cyber threats and a list of partners to contact for help, whether it be legal, psychologists, forensic or protection related details.

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