The Hearty Breakfast Show

Everyone in radio knows that if you can find the wining formula for the breakfast slot, then your station is well on the way to success. Get it right at breakfast - the old adage goes - and all else follows.
Now Heart 104.9 is making a serious entry into a new exciting sound in the mornings with the appointment of well-known TV and radio personality, Saskia Falken to succeed Aden Thomas as the new Hearty Breakfast Show host. Throw quirky and astute sports anchor, Nick Feinberg into the mix, with a dash of quick-firing wit from newsreader, Vanessa Poonah, charming and delectable Julian Naidoo as traffic anchor, mixed with dynamic producer, Robin Adams, Heart 104.9 is confident that the Hearty Breakfast has all the ingredients for a flavoursome breakfast show for Cape Town.

"The good thing about Saskia is that she already has a face and name our listeners recognise. People already have high-levels of awareness of her. Nevertheless this is going to be a completely new kind of morning show to what is currently in the market although still having Nick and Julian on board means that listeners will still be familiar with the team," says Managing Director of Heart 104.9, Gavin Meiring.

Meiring is of course full of praise for outgoing presenter, Aden Thomas. "Aden has done a terrific job for Heart 104.9 and has provided a very strong foundation for us to build a new breakfast show from," adds Meiring.
Heart FM
Heart FM
Heart FM has long been a trusted radio station in the Western Cape. The station originally launched as P4 radio in July 1997 and at the time was considered one of the fastest growing radio stations in South Africa. Following a name change and expanded network coverage to the outlying areas of the province, Heart FM is the number one commercial radio station in the Western Cape*. The station is a trusted member of the community, a thought leader, all-round entertainer and in touch with the values the people of the Western Cape hold most dear. Heart FM enjoys a highly interactive an loyal relationship with its 755 000 strong fan base. *The latest BRC RAM Data depicts Heart FM as the number one radio station delivering the highest reach across all competitors and various target audiences in the Western Cape.

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