Heart 104.9FM introduces Housemates from Hell

As the official broadcast partner for the 2006 Design for Living, Heart 104.9FM has initiated a unique and exciting campaign to hit Cape Town's airwaves soon... a breakthrough in reality radio!
The mechanic for the Housemates from Hell promotion is simple. All listeners have to do is enter the competition to live in the house (exhibition space at Design for Living) and stand a chance of winning big prizes. Each DJ will choose a couple who they feel would best represent him/her in the house. For the duration of the competition, the contestants will be asked to perform various tasks. The audience will be the judging panel and will have the deciding vote on who will win the main prize.

When asked about how the personalities of the housemates will be profiled through audio exclusively, explains Gavin Meiring, CEO of Heart 104.9FM: "It might sound cliché, but radio is all about theatre of the mind. Listeners love a good story and good stories make for good radio. End of story."
Heart FM
Heart FM
Heart FM has long been a trusted radio station in the Western Cape. The station originally launched as P4 radio in July 1997 and at the time was considered one of the fastest growing radio stations in South Africa. Following a name change and expanded network coverage to the outlying areas of the province, Heart FM is the number one commercial radio station in the Western Cape*. The station is a trusted member of the community, a thought leader, all-round entertainer and in touch with the values the people of the Western Cape hold most dear. Heart FM enjoys a highly interactive an loyal relationship with its 755 000 strong fan base. *The latest BRC RAM Data depicts Heart FM as the number one radio station delivering the highest reach across all competitors and various target audiences in the Western Cape.

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