Lima Bean launches New Sportsmans Warehouse e-commerce website

Lima Bean recently launched the all-new Sportsmans Warehouse e-commerce website.
Lima Bean launches New Sportsmans Warehouse e-commerce website
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The process involved a complete re-design, with a strong focus on bettering the overall user-experience (UX) and website navigation. The site is brighter; with a cleaner design and interface and stronger calls to action that seamlessly navigate users through the site.

One of the most prominent features is that the site is now e-commerce enabled, so users can shop for sporting goods and equipment online and enjoy a number of benefits that come with it - such as free delivery for online orders over R800.

On the backend, there have also been notable upgrades. The site has been integrated with the Sportsmans Warehouse stock management system, which ensures that it is updated daily with products that are currently in stock or on order. Essentially, this gives users a near real time view of product availability. Another forward-thinking feature is the advanced product filtering, so users can filter category listings by specific product options.

Further to this, the new site has been fully SEO-optimised and to make life easier for everyone, it can be managed entirely by the client. There is also integration with the Sportsmans Warehouse POS system - with orders and order statuses being pushed and pulled via web services. In addition, email service provider Mail Blaze has been incorporated and users are directly subscribed to the newsletter list, so no manual exporting is required.

Hagen Rode, director at Lima Bean and Project Manager for the project, had this to say about the redesign: "It's had a complete overhaul and this firmly places the brand on the digital radar. At its core, the site is very much about UX and conversion, and coupled with the brand's passion for excellent customer service and the recent explosion of successful e-commerce stores in South Africa, the website is set to become a leading player in the South African e-commerce space".

If you're interested in branching out and taking your brick and mortar store online, or if you're considering a re-design of your current e-commerce store, then contact Lima Bean today to see what our web development team can do for you.

Lima Bean
Lima Bean
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