Alliance Media takes management control of Eagle Outdoor

Eagle Outdoor Advertising Limited, Kenya, has this month been bought by an international venture capital firm specializing in the acquisition of media companies within developing countries.
This company has in turn given total management control of Eagle Outdoor to Alliance Media Kenya Limited due to the faith and confidence its investors have in Alliance Media's ability to grow their investment.

This brings the total number of outdoor and indoor advertising sites controlled by Alliance Media in Kenya to in excess of 4,000 sites countrywide.

Alliance Media, through its in-depth experience and knowledge in the region firmly believes that the countries making up East Africa have immense potential for growth. This is due to the large and increasingly prosperous populations within these markets. Michael Craft, Business Development Director of Alliance Media East Africa, has, over the past three years seen tremendous growth in outdoor spend within the region, particularly from companies that were previously not using outdoor advertising in their marketing strategies. He comments: "Due to the growth of other media types within East Africa, advertisers are finding that their strategies and reach have become too fragmented. As outdoor advertising is the only sure way to communicate to their target markets, there has been a patent switch to outdoor as a primary marketing tool.

Alliance Media Kenya, with its large number of country-wide sites, and the new offering of Eagle sites is well poised to meet this increased local and international demand. We have listened to our international clients who are increasingly predisposed towards homogeneous campaigns across borders and we have the competitive advantage of being the only company able to offer media in all three East African markets, that is, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, as well as in the greater region - Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia.

Earlier this year Alliance Media purchased the outdoor division of Monier 2000 Kenya Limited, a company based in Kenya and Tanzania, thereby entrenching itself as the largest outdoor media operator in the region. With the development of management control of Eagle, Alliance Media is in the unique position of offering its clients comprehensive, regional and cross-continental tailor-made campaigns.
Alliance Media
Alliance Media
Alliance Media is the pan-African leader in outdoor and airport advertising, operating in 23 countries with 25 000 of the most targeted and visible billboards on the African continent.

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