Meet Heart104.9FM's 2 Guys and a Wedding Groom and his 5 eligbible bachelors

Things heat up on gay reality wedding show as the wedding proposal date draws nearer! Heart104.9FM's breakfast DJ, Phat Joe, revealed the first Groom in the Two Guys and a Wedding competition as 35 year old, hopeless romantic, Lekker Larry (pseudonym). He has now introduced him to all five potential soul mates on air to find the perfect match in anticipation for his live wedding proposal on Phat Joe's breakfast show (6-9am) on Tuesday, 15 March.
Meet Heart104.9FM's 2 Guys and a Wedding Groom and his 5 eligbible bachelors
The competition launched in February and is the hottest wedding reality show on SA's airwaves. The wedding takes place on 26 March with an all expenses paid fantasy wedding at the V&A Waterfront next to the luxurious 35-metre yacht, Nautilus, and lavish honeymoon abroad worth R40 000.

Lekker Larry is an entertainer but also designs costumes for props and sets. He admits to wanting children and knows what it will take to make a marriage work. While he can be obsessive about keeping his house clean, he takes pride in his possessions and knows how to work hard. When his mother found out he was going to get married to a total stranger, she thought he joking. Even though she is still in a state of suspended disbelief, she is also supportive and wants him to be happy.

Five very eligible bachelors have been flirting, wooing and parading their personalities on air all week in the hopes of winning the heart of Lekker Larry and becoming the ONE who'll receive his marriage proposal next week.
  • Flirty Frank is 28 years old and works on a cruise liner. He is outgoing, fun and has a good sense of humour but can be rather short tempered. He defines love as honesty, respect and two people sharing one life.

  • Hastige Hendrik is 29 years old, works in marketing. He is an extravert, is sensitive and thoughtful but can also be quite judgemental. He has the ability to be incredibly compassionate and selfless and defines love as serious business comprising of discussion, understanding, compassion and support.

  • Chilled Chad is 32 years old and works in the catering/hospitality industry. He is hard working and shy but has the ability to be outgoing if given the time. He tends to focus very hard on his career and sometimes doesn't take the time to do what is best for him. He defines love as hard work but worth the effort if you have someone who makes you happy.

  • Juicy James is 27 years old and works in IT. He is sensitive, caring, romantic, yet fun, fit and outgoing. He is also passionate about life and all it has to offer. His definition of love is a quote by D.H Lawrence. "Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration."

  • Sweet Steve is 29 years old, is self employed and is polite, friendly and supposedly honest.
After two weeks of getting to know each other with only the airwaves between them, the grooms will finally meet for the first time moments before they are married. They will be blind folded and led hand in hand to the Altar, to await their BIG reveal. The luxurious 35-metre yacht, Nautilus, a boutique hotel on water berthed at the V&A Waterfront, will play host to the wedding ceremony. Heart104.9FM listeners, family and friends are invited to share in this momentous occasion by attending the wedding ceremony from a viewing area adjacent to the wedding location. There are plenty of glamorous surprises in store for the wedding party that will have them grinning from ear to ear and make their experience simply unforgettable.

Help Lekker Larry choose his soul mate by sharing your comments on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned to Heart 104.9FM's Phat Joe Morning Show, Mon-Fri 6-9am to share in the romance and excitement of this reality show and witness the marriage proposal live on air. Or visit for more information.

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