The SpaceStation helps fly the flag for SA

At last year's Loerie Awards the Internet Advertising Category was sponsored by South Africa's leading digital media sales company, The SpaceStation. In addition to great prizes for their offices, the winning agency was also awarded a hefty R50 000 worth of online media space on The SpaceStation's network of websites - a network that targets a combined audience of four million South Africans each month.
The winner of the prize was digital media agency Gloo Digital Design. Gloo decided to use their media prize to help drive a digital campaign for MINI South Africa and their '6-Colours to Stand By' campaign.

As a result of this campaign, very few South Africans experienced the FIFA? World Cup without encountering the mirror flag, and it was the mirror flag that was the corner stone of 6-Colours to Stand By.

The brief from MINI to Gloo and above the line agency Black River FC, was to create a public facing campaign that encouraged South Africans to fly the flag for their country. Budgets were limited so it was decided that a digital execution would play a central role in driving the campaign and the offering of mirror flags to the public. Gloo utilised the SpaceStation's R50k display based advertising prize to flight banners that clicked through to the website

"We designed a microsite with a viral video at its core and social media elements to help spread the message, but we also wanted to grow awareness up front. Since this was such a worthy cause, we decided to use our R50k prize from The SpaceStation to get the campaign message out further," adds Pete Case, Gloo's Creative Director.

The result was a nationwide phenomenon and a definite increase in South Africans actively flying the flag for their country. "The '6 Colours to Stand By' campaign played a major role in entrenching MINI's iconic status in the South African market. We were widely recognised as the brand that introduced mirror flags into the market and got the Mzansi flag flying! This campaign has not only received local recognition, and for such a small investment in promoting it, we have in fact achieved global recognition with many of our other markets wanting to follow our example in future," says Karen Valle, General Manager of MINI, South Africa.

"We believe 100% in the channels that we represent and the success of this campaign bears testimony to how strong that offering is. So at The SpaceStation we're really proud that we could aid in the success of this beautifully patriotic campaign that became such an iconic part of this year's FIFA World Cup," says Mike Luscombe, CEO of The SpaceStation.

The SpaceStation
The SpaceStation
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