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The phenomenally successful Lee Fix My School campaign is back in full swing. This week Lee Downs and the Bokomo Hearty Breakfast Team kicked off the second part of the campaign with a visit to Magnolia Primary, which has 710 learners, out in Nederburg.
Back row: Heart 104.9FM weekend jock, Grant Johnson; Sand Goliath, brand manager at Bokomo; Paul Snodgrass from the breakfast team; Baydu Adams, breakfast show producer; and Shineen Walters, teacher at Magnolia Primary.
Back row: Heart 104.9FM weekend jock, Grant Johnson; Sand Goliath, brand manager at Bokomo; Paul Snodgrass from the breakfast team; Baydu Adams, breakfast show producer; and Shineen Walters, teacher at Magnolia Primary.
Every week Lee Downs and the Bokomo Hearty Breakfast team visit a different school. The team then call on the community, listeners and corporates to assist in answering to the specific needs of the schools. These needs include the fixing of toilets, supplying sports clothing and gear, computers for the computer labs, fencing for security purposes, paint to give the buildings a face lift as well as fixing up the staff rooms and various other school facilities.

The campaign aims to meet at least three of every schools needs and to date has fulfilled seven to ten needs per school. The first half of the campaign was very successful in seeing both businesses and the community take ownership of their schools. It goes to show that businesses and the surrounding community are tuned into Cape Town's soul.

Magnolia Primary teachers and learners say thank-you.
Magnolia Primary teachers and learners say thank-you.
Heart 104.9FM together with small businesses and the surrounding communities have assisted the first three schools with amongst others vegetable gardens, painting of classrooms, fixing toilets, supplying tekkies for the learners, fixing doors and supplying computers and other equipment. The principals of the first three visits had the following to say about their fix.

Mrs Ward from Silverstream Primary in Mannenberg says, “After Lee Downs and his team left the school we were all on a high. The learners are so excited about the Bokomo Weet-Bix they got to take home - as most of the kids come to school on an empty stomach, this affects their concentration. The vegetable garden is also going to help us provide the children with food. Thank you Cape Town you have made a difference in the lives of 680 learners at Silverstream Primary. The Lee Fix My School Campaign is building better communities.”

"Businessmen and women from the community heard about the project and started approaching the school directly and arrived on the day that the Lee Fix My School team attended the school in order to see how they can assist,” says Mr Dyasi from Sonwabo Primary in Gugulethu.

Ms Mgudlwa from St Paul's Primary, Bo-Kaap says, “The teachers, learners and community are very excited about the Lee Fix My School campaign and after your visit to the school we have realised just what a huge project this is. We are very proud of the project because we believe that it has opened doors for the school in terms of marketing the school. I must also remark that it was professionally coordinated. Parents are still phoning the school appreciating what Heart 104.9FM has done for the children of the school.”

Yesterday's visit - 23 July - to Magnolia Primary marked the fourth school visit of the 12-week campaign. Even though the school has suffered from numerous break-ins and vandalism, teachers have still been able to help the learners do well in the fields of sports and dance. Magnolia Primary can boast about a few achievements. They were the table tennis champions of Love Life in 2006, in 2008 one of the under-13 boys selected for the Boland provincial rugby team and the school has also received a gold accolade for the Eistoddfod Paarl which is a national dance competition for Grades R - 7.

Lee, along with fellow Heart 104.9FM jock, Grant Johnson and the rest of the team, presented the school with the following supplies: stationery, loads of reading books, encyclopaedias and reference books, paint, brushes and trays, a R1000 voucher to be used for buying brown school jerseys, 220m X 2m fencing, the decoration of the sick bay and the station also saw to their plumbing needs. Bokomo also ensured that 710 children received a box of Weet-Bix to feed the whole family.

The school's appreciation towards Heart 104.9FM was communicated, not only in sincere words, but also in the form of folk dances done in colourful outfits.

“The campaign is really a way in which we can build better communities by starting at our schools,” says Lee Downs. He continued by saying that the campaign is for schools in the community that have real needs and for that reason schools went through a strict selection process.

To become a supplier e-mail us at or tune into the Bokomo Hearty Breakfast Show, with Lee Downs, every morning from 6-9am on Heart 104.9FM or visit for more info on the campaign.

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