Annual international travel exhibition kicks off in 2009

The only exhibition where South Africans can consider their global travel options - the World Holiday & Travel Fair - will be held at Johannesburg's Coca-Cola dome from 17 to 19 April 2009.
Owned and managed by the Thebe Exhibitions and Events Group (TEEG), which has a wealth of experience and expertise in putting together consumer and travel shows, the World Holiday & Travel Fair will be a global exhibition offering all kinds of holiday options and will be held annually.

TEEG Managing Director Carol Weaving says the fair will fill a clear gap in the market. “Consumer travel exhibitions in South Africa offer local destinations only and tend to focus on outdoor or adventure travel. At this fair the traveller will find a one-stop shop and will be able to make airline and hotel bookings, book packaged travel through travel agencies and find information on new and exciting destinations - all this for many destinations across the world.”

The World Holiday & Travel Fair is supported by the South African chapter of the Association of National Tourist Office Representatives (ANTOR), whose members are representatives of foreign tourism boards in South Africa.

Weaving says there is a growing travel culture among South Africans, both to local and international destinations, and that the World Holiday & Travel Fair will help grow this market.

According to the World Travel Trends Report released in Germany in March, travel and tourism worldwide has not had it so good in a long time. Prepared by IPK International, the report states that international overnight trips by travellers aged 15 and over increased by 6,3 percent worldwide in 2007 - well above the long-term annual average of 4,3 percent - to 680 million.

2007 was the fourth year in succession of very rapid growth for world tourism, the results of which correlate with those identified by the UN World Tourism Organization.

Some 1,7 million South Africans travelled abroad by air in 2007 with the top destinations being the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Mauritius and Germany.

Weaving says the World Holiday & Travel Fair will see an estimated 150 exhibitors in 2009, of which at least 70 to 80 percent will be representing international destinations.

“While this will essentially be a consumer exhibition, Friday, 17 April will be mostly aimed at members of the travel industry such as travel agents and tour operators. The weekend of 18 and 19 April will offer visitors a feast of travel options.

“There will be segmented pavilion areas for, among others, youth travel, family holidays and backpackers. Food and wine tasting will give visitors a first-hand feel of what they can expect at their chosen destinations. A prominent festival area will be a hub of cultural activities, including dancing, musical performances and cooking, making the potential travel experience as authentic as possible.

“Thebe Exhibitions and Events will now gather additional support for the World Holiday & Travel Fair from the travel industry to ensure an exciting, representative event,” she says.

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