Engagement Factory launches All-Star programme to develop digital technology professionals

The six-month programme will provide experience to fresh graduates and an opportunity to work with and for international brands.

Engagement Factory, a multinational marketing and engagement agency, has recently announced the successful launch of their All-Star programme. The initiative, originally conceived by their parent company, Blend360, will help develop up and coming digital marketing and data professionals entering the workforce. Third-party businesses will also benefit from the programme, as they’ll be able to recruit from a pool of graduates with hands-on work experience and knowledge.

Spearheading the initiative is Pancras Pouw, operational director and co-founder of Engagement Factory. “Traditionally there has been a disconnect between graduates looking to join the workforce and businesses offering entry-level positions,” says Pancras. “Companies need skilled workers at every employee level – but new entries into the workforce lack the opportunity to gain the experience necessary. Our All-Star programme is set to bridge this gap.”

Successful applicants to the programme will receive six months of hands-on work experience from Engagement Factory professionals, as well as participate in educational courses and training. All-Star participants will have the opportunity to gain practical experience and work with global, leading brands from around the world.

“It’s a great programme because businesses gain candidates who add value the second they join their organisation, while All-Stars receive the training and experience they need to excel,” said Patrick Hennessy, CEO of Blend360. “We’ve already seen potential leaders of industry make a substantial difference in the companies they join as a direct result of our programme. We’re really excited to see what Engagement Factory’s programme will reap.”

Businesses from around the world will have the opportunity to select All-Star applicants from the programme to join their company. With the training, practical experience and guidance received from Engagement Factory, All-Star graduates are expected to provide immediate value to the organisations they join with limited onboarding.

“The digital marketing space is ripe for new talent and perspectives – new graduates just need some support. Our programme is our way of developing the industry, nurturing new talent, and helping businesses access the talent they need,” concludes Pancras.

Engagement Factory’s All-Star programme is currently available for graduate applications who are based in the Netherlands and are interested in data science or digital marketing technology.

To apply or find out more information, please visit the All-Star webpage or contact Engagement Factory for more information.

About Engagement Factory

Established in 2012, Engagement Factory services businesses around the world through six offices over three continents. As a marketing agency that specialises in engagement, they provide support and offer guidance to companies seeking to attract, delight and retain their customers. Since inception, Engagement Factory has provided digital marketing and engagement strategies to some of the most prestigious companies in the world.

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