The easy way to test your broadband speed

MyBroadband's speed test platforms - MyBroadband Speed Test and - make it easy for you to test your internet connection's download speed, upload speed, and latency.
The easy way to test your broadband speed

After the speed test is completed, you can rate your ISP. These ratings are used for reports that rank South African Internet service providers.

These reports assist South African broadband users to make informed decisions about which ISP to choose (see the latest report here).

MyBroadband makes sure all ISPs are treated equally. Its speed test servers are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres to ensure a neutral testing environment.

Through NAPAfrica, all network operators present at its peering points are provided with a free 10Gbps connection to MyBroadband’s speed test platform.

MyBroadband also has speed test apps for Android and iOS devices to make it easy to test your Internet speed on your mobile phone:

These speed test apps are free to use and contain no advertising.

This article was published in partnership with MyBroadband Insights.

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