Free webinar: TikTok 101 Masterclass by Arora Online

TikTok is taking over the world. It's the fastest growing platform on earth with 689 million monthly active users. It is the future with 62% of TikTokkers between the ages of 10 and 39 years old. And people LOVE it - 6.7 million videos are viewed on TikTok every minute, every day and the average person spends 52 minutes on the platform daily. TikTok presents a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes to gain a following and achieve their marketing goals.

But TikTok doesn’t work in the same way as other social media platforms. The way you create content is different, the way people consume content is different, and it’s algorithm is different. This can make you feel overwhelmed on a platform that doesn’t feel familiar.

Free webinar: TikTok 101 Masterclass by Arora Online

This is where Arora Online can help you out. We’ve created successful TikTok content and campaigns for a variety of brands across industries ranging from luxury fragrances to education. Our TikTok campaign for Garden Day was a finalist in the New Generation Awards for the Best Influencer Marketing Campaign of 2020.

We’ve put together a TikTok Masterclass to help you navigate this brave new world. By the end of the webinar you will:

  1. Understand what makes TikTok tick. Use TikTok’s features and algorithm to your advantage.
  2. Find a niche you can nail. Find high-potential niches and research trends within them.
  3. Learn the art of going viral. Identify the four types of TikTok posts that go viral.
  4. Create killer content. Consistently create content that stands out and drives traffic to your store.
  5. Start and grow your TikTok empire. Film, edit, and upload your first TikTok

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Date: Wednesday 3 November, 1pm-2pm (SAST)

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Free webinar: TikTok 101 Masterclass by Arora Online

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