Build your bravery in 24 hours: Register now for the Brené Brown Dare to Lead training

Today's world requires daring leadership - whether you are running your own business or heading up a team in a company, leaders are having to develop key courage-building skillset to meet the challenges of work, professional relationships and the complexity and uncertainty of life in 2021.
Build your bravery in 24 hours: Register now for the Brené Brown Dare to Lead training
Julia Kerr Henkel, MD of Lumminos Coaching and a certified Dare to Lead facilitator of Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead work is running the next full curriculum online series next month, starting on 6 May. The training is offered in a six-part virtual series of four hours each and is spread across the month of May.

“Business leaders and individuals in workplaces across industries are navigating hard commercial decisions and even harder conversations – from retrenchments, remote management, downsizing, digital fatigue, to the loss of loved ones to eroding trust and missing the connection of others – it’s a struggle. All of these things are likely to be making people feel vulnerable, that emotion we all experience when we are faced with times of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure,” says Henkel.

“Leading, managing and working in today’s reality, requires a great deal of courage and skills,” says Henkel. “The good news is that courage is a collection of four skill sets that are observable, measurable and teachable in a 24-hour curriculum. These skill sets include rumbling with vulnerability, living into our values, braving trust and learning to rise.”

According to Brené Brown’s research, the number one trigger of shame in people in the workplace today is the fear of irrelevance, the fear of being left behind as the world moves on. Make sure you’re not one of them! Join other like minded people in a safe, practical and interactive learning environment to build your bravery skills at the next Dare to Lead series starting on 6 May 2021.

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About Julia Kerr Henkel

Julia Kerr Henkel runs Lumminos, a full-service coaching and culture change consultancy – which dares its clients to lead, learn, live, love and parent with awareness, skills, compassion and humour.

She is an ICF PCC-level coach, seasoned change and organisational development consultant and speaker. In March 2019, Julia Kerr Henkel studied with Brené Brown in Texas and is now one of a handful of certified Dare to Lead™ facilitators in Africa, commissioned to deliver work on her behalf. In January 2020, she also launched Dare to Lead #daringclassrooms – an extension of this work tailored for educators – our most important leaders. She runs a programme at Gibs aimed at supporting newly certified coaches called Kickstart your Coaching Business.

Prior to starting Lumminos, Henkel spent four years at Goldman Sachs London and was a director for eight years at College Hill Investor Relations and Magna Carta, comms and reputation management agencies.

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